yolngu boy themes

These issues are particularly to teenager, because through these issues, it shows the important of traditions and cultures, plus the outcomes of illegal crime, which teenager nowadays may or may not see through their lives. He persuades the boys to trek to Darwin to argue Botj's case with Dawu, a tribal leader. Professionally, his connection to famed music group Yothu Yindi – as music video maker – gave him access that became crucial to the film. 'Baru' is the venerated totem of the Gumatj people. Just prior to my first attempt at making it, somebody suggested that I speak with Gaymala (one of the artists who executed the paintings). Many people also believe in the existence of a god or another higher power with the ability to affect their lives, or believe in fate; that the course of some or all of their lives is predestined. As the project had its genesis in north-east Arnhem Land, they had initially hoped to find three Yolngu boys for the roles ('Yolngu' referring to the 16 or so clans that live in and around north-east Arnhem Land) but soon realized they would have to look farther afield.
As composer of the soundtrack for Yolngu Boy, Mark was responsible for bringing the film's music together including the commissioning of the bands Yothu Yindi and Nokturnl as well as approaching Regurgitator for the inclusion of their song Black Bugs on the soundtrack. I think all Australians really need to embrace a little bit more of what is our heritage. It is an image of the boys not only following their tribal customs, but also operating as a harmonious unit, not yet divided by time and circumstance – one skin, one blood. Johnson had complete support from the aboriginal elders in presenting these issues and in exploring some of the ceremonies and rituals. What do you think are the key themes of the film? 2/ As teenagers in “time of changes”, I and the protagonists have much things in common.
“I love it!” he says. The role of Botj was the hardest to cast, but eventually Johnson heard about Sean Mununggurr, who had played a role in a school play, and was able to arrange a meeting with the reluctant youngster. But Justice Martin told Makuma, who spent two years at Sydney's prestigious Scots College, he would not receive special treatment because of his well-known and influential family. Reflecting on the time, Mark said, "When we nabbed him, I guess he figured it was a better deal to get payed by us than to spear a stringray.". I certainly can’t do that, but I realise you do something and you hopefully get on to make another film.

The issues the film explores that are particularly relevant to teenagers are cultural expectations, friendship, dreams and evaluating the things he/she has. Reports may be presented in written or oral form or as a multimedia presentation. Musically, we've tried to create a situation that suggests a struggle between the old and the new in much the same way that most Aboriginal kids are being pulled in two different directions.". Botj only has his two childhood friends to rely on, but even that relationship seems to be changing, now that Lorrpu and Milika are preparing for ceremony – soon they will be men, while Botj remains a boy.


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