vr ping pong review

The game plays well enough for some casual fun and you’ll feel competitive against the AI once you’ve adjusted to it.

In general, Ping Pong … Getting them right took quite a bit of tweaking and fiddling for me. But in this game the ball reacts just the same way as if it was hit with the proper part of the paddle. There seems to be a little instability in tracking the move controllers, where a shot can unexpectedly send the ball careening off into the distance when it didn’t seem like you’d hit it anywhere near that hard. It allows for greater detail in the playing environment. There is some minor customization where you can change the color of the ball and change the face color/design of your paddle as well.

From a game development perspective this is a dream. Not all the arcade modes deliver, though, such as one that had me returning serves made by a cannon and aiming for certain parts of the table, with the target getting smaller or bigger everytime you hit or miss. Ping pong seems like the perfect fit for a virtual reality game. Ping Pong is a simple game. The mechanics were simple because the technology was so limited. For now the next step in immersion is virtual reality and the ability to provide room scale experiences which ping pong is perfect for. There's not enough content to keep you hooked but you'll return to it every now and again for a light knock about. As technology progressed allowing for more detailed graphics and physics, video games for ping pong, tennis, and golf inched closer to matching the nuances of their real life counterparts yet were always limited to two dimensions. There is a lack of immersion without facing a player but the real downer is the hit zone of the opponent’s paddle. The issue is that it can be a little inconsistent, and every once in a while things happen that simply shouldn’t, such as the ball passing through the edge of the table when it seemed like it should have hit, losing you a point.

The hit zone extends down to the handle too and that annoyed me to no end. VR Ping Pong Pro Review. Two paddles and a ping pong ball. Another off-putting thing is that the opponent is just a paddle. These latter two settings are vital to giving you a chance to play the game properly. Ping Pong is a simple game. Developer: One O One Games, IV Productions, Reddoll S.R.L. Simple to pick up, difficult to master, and all you need are eyes to see, a hand to hold a paddle, and another hand to help balance when you almost fall over. This sounds great, but the game seems to have trouble telling if you’ve hit or missed a target, often not registering a hit or even registering a hit on a part of the target that was hanging off the edge of the table. All content should be considered opinion.

When moving back and forth from side to side the tracking struggles. The tracking is also an issue when you are trying to finesse shots either by location and/or changing the speed at which you hit the ball. The feeling of playing ping pong is mostly here, but with the technological deficiencies in tracking that prevent the control and finesse needed in a fast paced game, VR Ping Pro misses the mark. The best strategy is to play for short rallies with one or two returns.


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