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Email: help-elearning@uwa.edu.au Here are some guidelines you can follow to assist you in developing your unit and providing learning options for your students. The Alabama Room at The University of West Alabama houses the library's special collections and archives.

If you want to access all features like participate in classes, library resources, group discussions, activities to complement face-to-face teaching, online assignments & other programs. Once the learning materials are ready, make it available for download and organise the learning materials into sequenced chunks.
That’s it, Login with these credentials & enjoy your UWA Blackboard with bunch of features.

A well-designed unit in the LMS has a predictable, understandable structure to its content alongside learning materials that are accessible to students with disabilities. Use this step by step guide to use UWA mobile app, Learn to create a content area, create an item in content area and select options for the item. Students and faculty can benefit from on-the-go applications that extend access or tool availability whenever and wherever they are. They answers to common questions, such as how to access Blackboard and your courses, can be found going to the sections below: Logging In to Blackboard and Frequently Asked Questions. To find out how you can achieve this, click, Change your unit's banner by following the instructions.

View Grade, upload assignment, online quizzes, Faculty can Embed learning videos and other course-related materials.

This workshop introduces participants to the communication tools used for self-reflection, collaboration, and communication: discussion board, journals, blogs, and wikis. Include a discussion board activity and student discussion lounge to drive collaboration. This section focuses on simple changes you can implement in your LMS unit that could improve and enhance student experience. The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s leading universities and has an international reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and research. Instructors may keep track of student submissions, whether or not the effort or assignment will be deleted or the submission history is shifted. Students can get help with LMS at any of the information desks in the libraries and through AskUWA. Mobile: (+61 4) 32 637 716 For the best experience in Blackboard, we recommend using Chrome.

How to Login into The University of Western Australia Blackboard? Find more information on the workshops offered.

Email: help-elearning@uwa.edu.au Blackboard support Master Classes are offered to UWA Staff by the Centre for Education Futures.
22 September 2020


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