the importance of making good decisions

12. Because there are so many decisions and because they are literal forks in the road with dramatic impact on results, costs, time, feelings, and relationships, how you make decisions is extremely important. Don’t wait 10 years later or until it’s too late to decide to do so. You can make a change now, starting today. If you step logically through a proven process, you will waste less time and make use of the right resources at the right time. A lack of process clarity guarantees a slower, more convoluted path to the desired outcome. These are the goals and constraints - the decision criteria - that must guide the decision. We make thousands of decisions every day. By creating clarity of purpose, process, and roles, people learn to trust the system and let go. When you make a decision ask yourself, “what are the long term affects; is this a good or bad decision I’m making?”. You would never build a boat that way. Since how you make decisions directly affects both of those, it will also affect employee satisfaction and engagement.

By making a decision to budget my finances, I can expect slowly but surely to get out of debt; by making a decision to learn one new word everyday has a long term affect of giving me an extensive vocabulary. Enthusiasm - The winner is the idea most fervently expressed by the loudest reputable group.

In the health care world, there is a proven process called SBAR - Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation. Choosing not to learn from poor decisions can result in a life full of regrets. The three most important criteria for good decision making. Make a decision to change how you look at life realizing that a quick non thought-out decision can have a negative effect on your life and those around you. While making the absolute best decision is often important, how you leave people feeling is always important. Think about it; your decisions affect another person’s actions, behaviors and opinions. An elder sibling can guide the younger one in making good decisions. Check your inbox to activate your subscription. I was told, “When you drive, you’re not driving for yourself but you’re driving for others too.”  I didn’t fully understand that until I begin to drive and realized that not every person drives with caution. So why do you make decisions by hauling all the experts into a room at one time and trying to tackle all the steps simultaneously? Not only did they notice, but they begin to slowly do the same. While making the absolute best decision is often important, how you leave people feeling is always important. Period. Here are 4 reasons why you should make good decisions starting now. Finally, consider that many decisions provide no obvious winning alternative. When you don't trust that the people around you are making smart decisions, it is natural to want to be involved so you can try to help prevent disaster or at least will see it coming and avoid a nasty surprise. I've observed numerous executive teams who think they are focused but are really working on five decisions and two plans simultaneously. I encourage, inspire, motivate, and give advice on real life subject matters from a Christian perspective. Join the 4,000+ others, and receive FREE inspirational readings filled with words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation straight to your inbox. I’ve been quoted and written about in 85 media sources, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Inc.,, and The New York Times. Hi, I am Naquan! Employees will be able to let go and focus. To make good decisions we must first understand that our decisions affect more than just ourselves, it affects the people around us. Founder of Muddled decision processes create skeptics and cynics, not committed employees.
My clients represent over 40 industries and range from for-profits such as Hitachi, Medtronic, and Boeing to non-profits as diverse as Public Television and Smith College. 8. And in a wandering conversation, the right time never comes.
I am an expert in strategic clarity and its transformative power to increase productivity, galvanize commitment, and drive high performance. Here are 4 reasons why you should make good decisions starting now. I doubt that requires more explanation. Introverts can stop waiting for Godot! defines the term “regret” as a feeling of sorrow or remorse for an act, fault, or disappointment.

The O in SOAR stands for Objectives. In the meantime, the executive in this case is probably wondering why these employees haven't taken ownership and made things happen. I am also the founder and. Because they haven't figured out what decision they are making and are trying to make several at once. Many are easy, but others are complex, stressful, or both. Meanwhile, this global monster I mentioned has several employees doing their best to collect information and make suggestions and generally drive an agenda without knowing what that agenda is. The messier a process, the easier it is for someone to walk out of the room with the wrong message. You would learn the process, follow it in sequence, and call on the help you needed at each step. Their beliefs produce attitudes, attitudes produce feelings and feelings lead to behavior. Employee satisfaction and engagement will improve. In those cases, you may as flip a coin. Your email address will not be published. Good decisions help people to have a positive effect on the lives of others too.

Messy decision processes rarely have crystal clear endings, especially because messy processes often lead to re-decision the next day. For some it comes while still in bed. Those decisions can include pursuing higher studies, following a passion, investing time in self-improvement, or something else.

I'm working with a Fortune 100 company right now that gets totally stuck on simple decisions. The same applies to the other steps of this or any other process. Not a good one. Your life is an example to others on how to or how not to live. It’s important to understand the importance of making good decisions.

According to the dictionary, the word “influence” means having the power (or capacity) to be compelling or producing effects on the actions, behavior and opinions of others. Add clarity of purpose, process, and roles to this situation and these employees would know what decision they are making, which steps they own, and how to proceed. As the oldest, my life is an example to my siblings on how to handle a variety of situations. Required fields are marked *. This means that you have the power to produce an effect on a person’s actions, behavior and opinions based upon the decisions you make. This clarity of purpose and process created by SBAR and SOAR is also tremendously instructive. We need to ask ourselves, “Who will be affected by the decisions I make today”? Read more. Whether I like it or not, what I decide to do will impact the lives of others. As an older brother and Christian, I not only have to think about myself when it comes to making decisions but also the people who look up to me – my siblings (and friends).

This, by the way, is Step #1. Experience – We all learn to make decisions through experience. Employees will feel a stronger sense of ownership. I am also the founder and president of the Boston area consulting firm Uncommon Clarity® and author of "The Clarity Papers: The Executive's Guide to Clear Thinking and Better, Faster Results" plus three other books and more than 500 articles. Because it is widely known and understood, it creates what I call shared process clarity and gets everyone on the same page quickly, knowing what to expect and how to contribute. You can’t go back in time changing the things of the past but you can decide today that you will make good decisions that will give you satisfying, appeasing, joyful results. Trusting God When You Don’t Understand – Top 4 Things to Remember, Bad Thoughts about God – 3 Ways to Stop the Negative Thoughts, Power of the Tongue: Speaking Death and Negative Words, Preparing for God’s Blessings and Promises, receive FREE inspirational Messages via email, Whatever You Do, Do it Heartily, unto the Lord and Not to Man.

This is human nature. 10 Reasons Your Employee Engagement Program Is Hurting Your Company. Clarity of purpose, process, and roles are essential to unleashing ownership. Speed comes from greater clarity of purpose and process. Why? I am an expert in strategic clarity and its transformative power to increase productivity, galvanize commitment, and drive high performance.

Check your email to activate your subscription. Instead, your decisions are more likely to be governed by one of three forces: These forces do not produce sound decisions. Give me another week and I'll have them straightened out. They are evaluating the decisions you make, the outcome of your decisions and how you handle different situations.


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