ted greene legacy

I will not say “nice job”, it’s not a job, and only the true ones will know and understand what it is.
Many of you know of the untimely passing of Ted Greene a few years ago, and most recently his partner Barbara Franklin.

– Mark Levy, I studied with a Ted Greene student some 40 years ago. Arguably he was the most knowledgeable person in the application of harmony principles to the guitar: a national treasure! He was the son of the late George B. and Pauline Thomas Greene. The job you have done here in Ted Greene’s legacy for all the people (interested) to see and learn, is incredible.

Ted gets out the Guild about a minute into it. The American Metaphysical Circus by Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies (1969) Solo Guitar (Art of Life, 1977) I'd sure love to have one of his highly modified Gibsons or Telecasters.

Ted’s teachings and concepts have changed my music and my life and I’m infinitely grateful for your hard work in keeping it available for the public! I bought Ted’s. I get a lot of enjoyment through learning material from Ted’s books and the Ted Greene website.

Many of you know of the untimely passing of Ted Greene a few years ago, and most recently his partner Barbara Franklin. The videos posted on his site have been a wealth of information and entertainment to me (and I'm sure I don't understand half the stuff there.) Such an amazing mind and spirit.

Gianni; January 10, 2010; Tips and Online finds; 2 Comments; By searching inspiration for new lessons on youtube, I stumbled onto this great channel that shares some great jazz guitar videos, and I wanted to pass them to you. –, I could talk forever about my awe of his abilities – still not sure how he did so much. I love the contrast in how Ted always talks about it in human terms, the effect a certain change was meant to have on our emotions, the history of it. Wishing you comfort and peace while you grieve in the days and months ahead. –. We have been so lucky to have all of you as part of our family.We are here ,call anytime.

I've always wished that all of TG's lesson sheets could be scanned and indexed and made available on CD. He speaks to the cats that have trouble listening or learning from books or other cats that cant teach too well. I had been frustrated before with dry music theory books that talked about everything in dry mathematical terms. I’ve learned SO much from Ted.. Our prayers remain with you Mrs. Greene and all your family for many days to come. – David Deavenport. That evening was a life changer in so many ways to me. Thank you so much for helping people all over the world discover the beauty of Ted’s arrangements.


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