private equity compensation structure
On the “Uses side,” private equity salaries and bonuses are straightforward. These are cash payments made each month during the year (base salaries), with one lump-sum payment at the end of the year (the bonus). sharing the profits made from the investments. Assume things go well and the investment professionals of that fund double the "value" of the fund through smart acquisitions and exits, … The whole private equity business model is based on "profit sharing" i.e. Assume carry is 20% for a certain fund that has raised $1 billion (the most common level). Management fees and deal fees tend to pay for base salaries since these fees are fixed. Private Equity Compensation Structure. Let's quickly run through an example to explain how carry works and why it can be such a large portion of the compensation at private equity funds. Therefore, compensation is quite different from what you would encounter in a typical corporate environment, or within investment banking.


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