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But in time, we were certain, he’d be a Nike athlete, and perhaps the paradigmatic Nike athlete.

I’d spent a lot of time studying him, admiring him, puzzling about his appeal.

“You’d hear about Nike shoes or see pictures, but it was the first pair that I’d seen in person,” recalled Alberto Salazar, who was a high school student in Boston and a teammate of Rodgers at the time. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Personally a fan the N.354 line, this shoe in all black is both minimal and distinct with unique deconstructed features you won't see anywhere else.

Always mixing business with pleasure. I tried to con myself; more than once I told myself that Pre was just a kid from Coos Bay, a short, shaggy-haired jock with a porn-star mustache. In other words, when my life began.

He put in the work and because of that, became someone to aspire to be. When sports are at their best, the spirit of the fan merges with the spirit of the athlete, and in that convergence, in that transference, is the oneness that the mystics talk about.

No matter what University of Oregon coach [and Nike cofounder] Bill Bowerman told him, no matter what his body told him, Pre refused to slow down, ease off.

Prefontaine also talked about how important it was to train as an individual as well as a team.

Somebody may beat me, I told myself, some banker or creditor or competitor may stop me, but by God they’re going to have to bleed to do it. People were visiting it every day, leaving flowers, letters, notes, gifts—Nikes.

I’d asked myself, time and again, what it was about Pre that triggered such visceral responses from so many people, including myself.

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“All those people ended up wearing Nike shoes,” said Hollister. As recorded in an original copy of Pre's notes for a keynote address held in Oregon for the Junior College Cross Country Championships, Steve's three key factors to success were diet, rest, and training.

From now on, we said, you’re Pre’s full-time liaison.

See more ideas about Steve prefontaine, Steve, Track and field. We arranged a lunch in the conference room.

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I'm sending you a pair of Boston 73's and a training shoe. We made a note. Buck?”, I fumbled for the light. No matter what he did, no matter where Hollister took him, worshipful crowds would appear around their bright blue Volkswagen bus. As Bowerman finished, as he stepped from the podium, I thought he looked much older, almost feeble. We talked about him often, formally and informally, around the office.

Raw edges and distinct design lines create an experimental aesthetic.

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The facts about him show him to be a legend on the track - even if he didn't initially set out to be. If I was the first to make Penny care about track and field, Pre was the one who made her a real fan. After his performance at the trials? The whole tribute was fitting for these athletes, and it was fashionable for the time, too.

But I talked it over with Johnson and Woodell and we agreed that, as long as we were in business, we’d find money for things like that. The reason I'm writing is because Jeff Galloway told me you were interested in training in our shoes.

Of course those extra races were starting to cause issues. It’s now up to Pre’s sister, Linda, and step-sister, Neta, to bear his legacy. Marines quickly secured the building where Bowerman and the U.S. team were staying. He was the exact age I’d been when I’d left on my post-collegiate trip around the world. We assured him that Oregon still loved him. We’d signed Ilie Nastase for $10,000, I said, and we were willing to offer his boy half that.

He was that kind of swaggery, transformative figure. Secretly I had designs on signing Shorter to an endorsement deal. The prodigy was Steve Prefontaine, America’s best-known track and field athlete at age 22.

“It said if I came to Oregon, he’d make me into the best distance runner ever,” Prefontaine recalled. During his keynote address at Oregon, Prefontaine made sure his goal of the speech was directed specifically to the athletes in the audience. “The average athlete now is finding it damn hard to make it.".

In our shoes.

Hollister managed the BRS store in Eugene, and he and Prefontaine became close friends who shared interests in architecture, sports cars, and, of course, running. Steve Prefontaine passed away at the age of 24, in his prime as an athlete. It felt like a bullfight, and we were down to that moment of truth—death hanging in the air. We watched and watched, day after day, saying little, often holding our hands over our mouths. And by his performance. But I knew better.

This, I decided, this is what sports are, what they can do. In the dark I groped for it. “Dead? We also gave him a business card that said National Director of Public Affairs.

In Pac-8 Conference track competition, he won three-mile titles each of his four years at Oregon, plus the mile in 1971. An unearthly silence fell.

$18.99 $ 18. As a competitor at the University of Oregon, Prefontaine had considerable exposure to Blue Ribbon Sports and Nike footwear (at the time, products were branded Nike but the company name was still the original Blue Ribbon Sports, or BRS).

She gave me a wry smile.

While running for the Oregon Track Club, Prefontaine set American records at every distance from 2,000 to 10,000 meters, as he prepared for the 1976 Olympics. Surely I was having a bad dream.

His legacy is multifaceted.

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“What’re they gonna call it—Fourth Street?” He locked himself in his metal trailer on the banks of the Willamette and he didn’t come out for weeks. “Pre was just here,” he said. But it was always uplifting for the crowd.

Whenever I saw him at a track, or around the Nike offices, I became mute. Nike's First Signature Athlete. Pre had broken it by a shade more. RELATED: The 10 Best Running Blogs You Should Read Today

To generations of athletes at all levels, he embodies the philosophy of training incredibly hard and going all out in competition.

Lindgren had beaten Pre when he was a senior and Pre a freshman, and he wanted everyone, especially Pre, to remember. It took a full six months, but the fire in Pre’s belly came back. Every time he jogged down one side of the oval, or up the other, the fans along his route stood and went wild. But oh well.

We understood that Pre couldn’t switch shoes right before the trials. In our coming battles, with [Japanese supplier] Onitsuka, with whomever, we’d be like Pre. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. What followed was one of the greatest ovations I’ve ever heard, and I’ve spent my life in stadiums.

He won back-to-back state cross-country championships in 1968-1969, and went undefeated in cross-country and track his junior and senior years.

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Steve Roland "Pre" Prefontaine (January 25, 1951 – May 30, 1975) was an American long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics.

And yet I didn’t just witness it.

In 1973, two years after the Nike brand was born and the first Swoosh adorned shoes, the nascent footwear company signed its first star runner.

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I was on his side. Steve Roland "Pre" Prefontaine (January 25, 1951 – May 30, 1975) was an American long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. So he’d run all out, as always, holding nothing back, and in the final hundred yards he tired. Enjoy the best Steve Prefontaine Quotes at BrainyQuote.

With these thoughts in mind, walking down Agate Street toward Hayward Field, I wasn’t surprised to find the place shaking, rocking, trembling with cheers—the Coliseum in Rome could not have been louder when the gladiators and lions were turned loose.
I was giddy.

“Sure there will be a lot of pressure,” he told Sports Illustrated. Better yet, he did it in Nikes. As Prefontaine is affiliated with the Nike name, it's okay to assume he would have only worn the Nike brand.

(Lindgren was far behind, a nonfactor.) View Privacy & Cookie Policy for full details. But all I know is if I go out and bust my gut until I black out and somebody still beats me, and if I have made that guy reach down and use everything he has and then more, why then it just proves that on that day he’s a better man than I.”, Right before Pre and Bowerman left for Germany, I filed for a patent on Bowerman’s waffle shoe. The pair visited high schools, colleges, sports stores and running clubs.

And, of course, that velvety suede-like suede.".

Looking for Custom Track Uniforms and Jerseys? Pre began to talk warily with Bowerman about the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Worse, the man he considered his archrival, Lasse Viren of Finland, once more took the gold. It was becoming a shrine. He told me that he and Pre had been within a hair of the attack. Bowerman finally had him wearing our shoes.

$9.99 shipping. I’d never witnessed anything quite like that race. He reacted just as I had. It was a perfect symbiotic match. And then it began.

He might have his legs, his godlike legs, blown out from under him. He pushed himself to the brink and beyond.


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