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In 1993, he published a further volume on the Allied military mission and the resistance in Western Macedonia. He was also our friend and it is right and proper that we are mourning him here in Cambridge in his own college chapel. While at school he was actively involved in acting and sport. The School's secondary mission is to promote research more generally into the prehistoric, ancient and medieval Mediterranean. At Cambridge, where he lived in retirement, he became an honorary fellow of Clare College. As don, as schoolmaster and in retirement, he published at a rapid rate, focusing in particular on the history of ancient Macedonia and Epirus, his research being informed by his intimate knowledge of the topography of these regions. Shocking number of dangerous escapees from Homerton mental health unit revealed. From Fettes he went up to Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where he was noted as a scholar and a sportsman. Nicholas Geoffrey Lempriere Hammond was born, of Channel Islands stock, on November 15 1907 at Ayr, Scotland. Hammond had been living in a flat on Queen’s Road, Cambridge He was president of the University Hockey Club and a forceful tennis player. option. With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. When the Germans invaded Greece in April 1941, he himself destroyed stockpiles of material of use to the enemy. Publicó un libro de memorias sobre su servicio en la guerra con el título Venture into Greece en 1983. As a research institute, its principal emphasis remains empirical studies that shed light on the prehistoric, Classical and medieval past and present condition of Greek lands. All rights reserved. His SOE activities continued on Crete in the month before the German airborne attack on the island, one of his last acts being to blow up the ammunition dump that SOE had established on an island in Suda Bay. “The very real dangers online” – True story ! Nicholas Geoffrey Lempriere Hammond was born, of Channel Islands stock, on November 15 1907 at Ayr, Scotland. He subsequently held a number of appointments as visiting professor at American and Australian universities. © 2001 British School at Athens He is the author of Playing with truth: language and the human condition in Pascal's Pensées (OUP, 1994); Creative Tensions: an introduction to seventeenth-century French Literature (Duckworth, 1997);  Fragmentary Voices: memory and education at Port-Royal (Biblio 17, 2004); and Gossip, Sexuality and Scandal in France (1610-1715) (Peter Lang, 2011). He is co-editor, with Bill Burgwinkle and Emma Wilson, of The Cambridge History of French Literature (2011), and, with Michael Moriarty, of Evocations of Eloquence: Rhetoric, Literature and Religion in early modern France (Peter Lang, 2012). CB3 9DA Another daughter predeceased him. Once Greece had entered the war, their attitude changed, and he was allowed into the country in March 1941. In 1962 he was appointed professor of Greek at Bristol University, a post which he held until his retirement in 1973. He also learned how to ward off savage sheep dogs, and to bear the unwelcome attention of fleas in the bug-infested cottages where he stayed. The Annual is published by the British School at Athens, whose is to promote the study of Hellenic Studies in all their aspects, covering all periods from the Palaeolithic to the present. The Powers of Sound and Song in Early Modern Paris (Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press, 2019), Soundscapes, special number of Early Modern French Studies, edited with Tom Hamilton (June, 2019), Racine’s “Andromaque”: absences and displacements, edited with Joseph Harris (Brill, 2020), Professor of Early Modern French Literature and Culture, Qualifications Among his many exploits was a perilous clandestine journey to Thessaloniki disguised as a Vlach shepherd visiting the big city. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. United Kingdom. He was a man of extraordinary distinction in many fields: as a teacher, as an administrator, as a scholar, and above all as a man of action. It was not published until 1983, a time when Britain's wartime role was the subject of impassioned debate in Greece. In the process, he acquired a mastery of modern Greek, as well as a smattering of Albanian. 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Nicholas Hammond, who has died aged 93, was a classical scholar of great distinction and prodigious output. When SOE first tried to send him into Greece in the summer of 1940, in the hope that he would be able to foment resistance in Italian-occupied Albania, he was denied entry by the suspicious Greek authorities. Nick Hammond grew up in Norwich in the East of England and took History, Geography and Classics at A level. Like many British liaison officers, he was frustrated by the amount of time he had to spend on politics and on trying to keep the peace between rival resistance groups, and his experiences led him to develop a marked antipathy towards the largest of these, the communist-controlled AM/ELAS. Hammond's main interest was always Greek history, and his principal focus northern Greece and the history of Macedonia. At one of these, hosted by Popov and consisting of a saucer of sliced tomatoes washed down with bottles of whisky, vodka and Georgian brandy, with a demijohn of ouzo in reserve, all five colonels present - three Russian, one American and one British (Hammond himself) - passed out, but without any of them revealing anything of substance about their respective missions. 163-174. He established a good rapport with his Soviet opposite number, the enigmatic and reticent Colonel Grigorii Popov, at a series of "teas". Nicholas Hammond specialises in seventeenth-century Nicholas Hammond specialises in seventeenth-century French thought, drama, poetry and culture. During the first 20 years of his retirement he accepted almost annual invitations to go as visiting professor to universities in America, Australia, New Zealand and, to his great delight, Jannina in Epirus, where he went as Leverhulme Professor. Three weeks before his death, he and three Cambridge colleagues drew attention in a letter to the press to the threat to the site of the battle of Marathon posed by Greek plans for the 2004 Olympics. 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