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He sings. Bitter about his failed theatrical career, Bryan has a vendetta against glee (evidence includes the fact that he is in an outreach group for show choir washouts, cue a lame cutaway scene also starring Molly Shannon) and plans to slash the New Directions as part of the Board’s budget cuts. Sue chews out Bryan for changing his mind about budget cuts to New Directions, and they have a delicious snappy back-and-forth about the merits of the arts vs. sports programs. That night Bryan and Schue bond over their mutual despair and sizable pomade budget, serenading the Saddest Bar in Ohio (I’m joking; they are all this exact same bar) with a “Piano Man” duet. Rather, it is simply a poorly-drawn character that has no punch or feeling of importance. As Artie struggles with the idea that he will have to give up his life-long ambition due to his disability, Tina suggest they choreograph a dance they could both perform. Jesse is seriously so, so cute; I just want to eat his little marzipan face! Fabulating. In other good Glee news: I'm told the Glee kids' White House gig is most definitely happening. However, if my PANTS have anything to say about it, I’d say NPH nailed his Glee debut. What a lonely life! In fact, as I type this to you, the script for Neil's awesome episode is being written—yee!—and one Fox insider tells me: "The fans will love it." I feel like this ship is finally steering away from the iceberg and headed toward the continent of Funlandia. He acts. If not for NPH, the character would be a total bust, as it carries no more personal relevance to the storyline than someone like Eve’s Grace Hitchens character. Good job, TINA. JUST CUT TO SOMEONE ELSE. It seemed too good to be true, but now it is definitely happening! And if you didn't hear, some of our Glee faves will also lend their voices to an episode of The Simpsons! } catch(e) {}, by The regular in the corner sips his Ohio Sunset (Lysol and blackberry brandy) and wipes away a single tear. Chenoweth’s April Rhodes was given some color, and the actress received an opportunity to shape an individual that would become infinitely relevant to the “Glee” universe. So fast. Please, please, I BEG of you, Glee, do not waste precious Lady Gaga time with that business. He’s like a koala with better hair. Due to Ramin Setoodeh’s uber-dumb Newsweek article from a few weeks ago, “My Head Is Filled With Diarrhea, and Other Musings,” in which he questions gay actors’ ability to play straight characters (which apparently is a real thing that adult humans besides the author actually think? } Please confirm your acknowledgement and/or consult our privacy policy for details & opt-out instructions. If there was a mall in America where people had to climb actual steps to get to an Auntie Anne’s, the protest would be bigger than the entire Tea Party movement. The only part I halfway agreed with was the lack of buildup for the plot concerning Shelby being Rachel’s mother “Glee” already touched on that side of Artie’s life in “Wheels,” and when push comes to shove, this episode adds nothing to the viewer’s understanding of his character. His duet with Morrison on “Dream On” is fantastic, but it not as if he carries the song or leads his duet to a place previously untouched–it is very much a two-way street with Morrison, if anyone, stealing the show. Though it is nice to see Tina work with Artie on his issue, the end product of their bond is nothing groundbreaking. I mean, it would have been the only logical reason to cure him of it, but still, continuity. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { try { Stories have to evolve and move; “Glee” is lucky its dialogue is so sharp and its acting is so incredible, because without that ability to make viewers smile regardless of what is going on, the show would be taking a lot of heat for its storyline inertia. :)". “You can’t feed a child sheet music,” Bryan snarls at Schue: “Well, you could for a while, but they’d be dead in a month.” Let the Battle of the Has-Beens BEGIN! Sicha, Michael We cannot wait! Horrible” helmer Joss Whedon no less–thus had all the makings of an eagerly-anticipated classic. when he was a teenager. They tell us Bryan and Will were rivals in high school, but save for the actual declaration of their rivalry, an ironic line about the one girl Bryan could not bed and the fact that they go head-to-head in this actual episode, there is no believable chemistry between the two. Details on Neil Patrick Harris’s ‘Glee’ character. Bryan has no such relationship, and given that the chemistry with Will is already suspect, he feels completely distant. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Get your tentacles off of my Glee, please! Here are some SPOILERy details on Neil Patrick Harris’s guest starring role on Glee from The Ausiello Files. As they search through her fathers’ files about her birth, Jesse slips in a fake tape for Rachel to find and think is from her mom. That said, we'll know more details when the ink on Neil's ep has dried. This is what I'm hearing from Glee sources about Neil Patrick Harris' guest spot, which has been rumored for weeks but is now very much a done deal. the “throw away” role really worked out well for neil. Neil Patrick Harris guests as Bryan Ryan, a standout glee club member during Will’s high school days. he’s spectacular in every sense of the word. For a few seconds I actually thought they were going to do this, and just cure him of his paraplegia in order to facilitate a dance number. So, all in all, an episode that produces some wonderful musical numbers, a few great lines and a priceless interaction between Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch. One of the best moments of my life thus far." In addition to relying on an overused plotline (do we really need another authority figure trying to shut down glee club? He is in tune with musical theatre. For as universally talented as NPH is, the fact that he is not as dominant a performer as a Kristin Chenoweth or a Idina Menzel also hurts the impact of the episode, as he really cannot carry a performance the way they could. As for the reveal regarding Jesse, while it is positive in the sense that it was not the painfully predictable answer to why he would be spying on the New Directions (granted, an aspect of the reveal was fairly predictable, but it is not likely that a casual viewer guessed the entirety of it), it also felt flat because “Glee” has done nothing to build around that arc. Devestabulous. With Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch. I also heard that Idina and Rachel will sing “Poker Face,” which already has me sputtering Moolatte across my computer screen in excitement. Here's what I'm hearing: Hold on to your track pants, Sue Sylvester! _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Rufus Wainwright, OneRepublic, Woodkid, Foo Fighters Scheduled To Perform On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Academy Awards: “Parasite” Makes History As First Non-English Language Film To Win Best Picture Oscar, “Little Women” Stars Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan Arrive On Oscars Red Carpet (Special Look), Kaitlyn Dever Looks Stunning On Red Carpet Ahead Of 2020 Oscars Ceremony, Billie Eilish, Finneas & Claudia Sulewski Walk Red Carpet At Sunday’s Oscars Ceremony (Special Look), Netflix Chief Talks Possible Third Season of “House of Cards”, New Song: One Direction Turns to Alt Vibe on “Story of My Life”, NBC’s “Dracula” Opens to Solid Ratings, “Grimm” Also Solid, “Jackass: Bad Grandpa” Dominates Friday Box Office, “Counselor” Flops, Billboard Hot 100: BTS Has Top Two Songs In America, As “Savage Love” With Jawsh 685 & Jason Deulo Reaches #1, “Dynamite” Holds At #2, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” Returns To Billboard Hot 100 For First Time In Over 43 Years, Why Don’t We Celebrates Self-Written, Self-Produced “Fallin'” Making Top 40 On Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Due to time constraints (“I need to spend more time with my pies!”), the director has them sing what turns out to be an awesome duet, and they leap exuberantly around the unfinished set like vest-wearing gazelles. Rejected by a momentarily defeated Artie, Tina finally bequeathed Hot Asian Dude with a name, after which he immediately stepped forward to deliver this season’s best line-FADE TO BLACK. It just means both of them are gay in my mind. Lose Weight Diet Tips and Weight Loss Reviews from Lose Weight Reviews …. The entirety of 'Glee' cannot be better epitomized than by the very existence of 'How I Met Your Mother''s Neil Patrick Harris. Regarding Rachel’s plight, while the question itself has lingered her entire life, it has never played prominently into her behavior on the show. "It's true and we're obviously very excited," says a source who works on the show. Mike and Tina do a charming dance as Artie and the gang sang “Dream a Little Dream,” a number seemingly more about the life Artie wished he had than the life he could have with Tina in reality. Elsewhere, Kevin McHale’s Artie and and Jenna Ushkowitz’s Tina get some much-needed screen time to further their relationship. I am so HUMILIATED that I didn’t realize that Idina Menzel’s rival glee coach Shelby Corcoran was Rachel’s Mom! April’s primary connection to the show was her character’s relationship with Will, but she also took a much more active role with the kids–and even performed with them. Headline Planet does not collect personal data, but some third-party advertisers & applications may use cookies. Filled with the bruised ego of a man who is mocked incessantly by a cheerleading coach and whose wife once tricked him for months with a fake pregnancy belly, Schue encourage-challenges Bryan into trying out for a local production of Les Mis, for which they both plan to audition for the role of Jean Valjean with Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” Seems like maybe you would want to sing a song from the show, but then again, I am not the community musical theater guru you might take me to be. But things changed fast, as they do.". O Artie, aren’t all of our dreams just so many sucky tap wheels on the stage of life? Dream Crusher, you’ve got the best of me! Neil Patrick Harris's 'Glee' Character Revealed-- Watch Out Matthew Morrison! Can’t see how this could possibly end in heartbreak! Macher, Dusty NPH was there for comedic purposes … and he delivered … but the show wasnt and isnt about him … I thought he and Will had necessary chemistry, they were enemies not best friends Due to Ramin Setoodeh’s uber-dumb Newsweek article from a few weeks ago, “My Head Is Filled With Diarrhea, and Other Musings,” in which he questions gay actors’ ability to play straight characters (which apparently is a real thing that adult humans besides the author actually think? ), the character himself also has no tangible connection to his storyline companions. And Molly Shannon is downright hilarious That complementary [OKAY, COMPLIMENTARY!] Olivia Newton-John? I literally shrieked with glee…with joy when Tina finally called his name as her new dance partner. Contact Brian at brian.cantor[at] Already? He acts. Lea Michele followed up with: "Recorded an episode of The Simpsons today! And you keep on crushing dreams in-ces-sant-ly! I’d also like to offer his scenes in this episode as Defense Exhibit 1 Billion that gay actors can make convincing straight characters.


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