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Make no mistake, Lviv is certainly no Berlin, but if you regularly check websites like Resident Advisor, you can find pop-up dance parties and raves that happen all over the town. They’re all within 100 meters of each other. Tourism numbers steadily increase each and every year and are showing no sign of slowing down. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.

Visit the Underground – Lviv has over 62 miles of underground passageways and rooms hidden in the underground bunkers leftover from the Soviet days. In fact, there are actually a few decent nightclubs in town that you should know about. Split is a one-stop-shop for all your dining, drinking and entertainment needs. As I said, I don’t suggest going. Warning: Locals are overtly friendly and often invite foreigners to party at their table.

#23 of 26 Nightlife in Lviv. Though you may only recognise a couple faces like pop …, Those who think that there’s no metro in Lviv couldn’t be more mistaken. Some say that Lviv still remains relatively …
The great thing about partying in Eastern Europe is that the locals are arguably more awkward on the dance floor than we are in the west, so shrug off you inhibitions and convulse to the beat.

I lived in Berlin for five years, but have now relocated to Kyiv. Conclusion – Lviv, Ukraine Nightlife Is Actually A Pretty Good Time! A wall of fame wraps completely round the main hall.

4friends has up to 150 brands of well known and rare whiskeys …, A modern, bright club not far from the centre is open for you serious clubbers 24/7. Anybody who has dealt with Turkish tourists in Ukraine knows it’s a headache that’s best avoided.

Nightlife in Lviv, Ukraine gets a bad rep because to be completely fair, there are plenty of tacky nightclubs that play horrible music all over town. Browse our collection of At Expat Ukraine, we’re huge fans of Lviv, Ukraine. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Fortunately for you, this list will provide you with more than enough options to keep your nights plenty active while in Lviv. Conclusion – Lviv, Ukraine Nightlife Is Actually A Pretty Good Time! In total, you have one actual restaurant that’s open after 1:00 AM. more. To put it simply—he’s a serious expert when it comes to nightlife. Influenced by Austrian, Polish and Russian culture and architecture, the city is a melting pot that will continue to surprise you as you start to explore. By day you’ll be charmed by the bustling street life and busy cafes and by night… Well, let’s just say Lvivs nightlife … Without further ado, I’ll hand it off to him. Enoteca wine store #24 of 26 Nightlife in Lviv. Slow and steady wins the horilka race.

In other words, finding a proper Western-style bar in Lviv was pretty difficult. I’ve never been to one of these, but I’ve only heard horror stories of what takes place in these places. They share the same menu. Know the secret entrances and you can have the time of your life IF you can find where to go!

Don’t you want to try to talk to them? With its lively student population, crazy nightlife, theme bars and walkable distances, Lviv (pronounced Leveev) is our favourite city in Ukraine. Simply put: there is an abundance of beautiful girls in Lviv. For a bachelor looking to spend some time in Ukraine, Lviv is an excellent choice. Surprise, surprise. What It's REALLY Like Living in Ukraine as an American. These places are best for nightlife in Lviv: Pyana Vishnya;; Libraria Speak Easy Bar; The Gas Station; Rafinad People Club; See more nightlife in Lviv on Tripadvisor $ Every so often, I’m sent to Lviv for up to a few months on end, and I’ve found the nightlife scene there to be surprisingly good…if you know where to look. You’re already in the country with some of the hottest women on the planet! When one of our writers recently spent a three month period there working on a consulting project, I knew he had to write a guide on the city’s nightlife. Most Ukrainians prefer to sit at a table with a group of friends while drinking, instead of perching at a bar where you can make new friends and start conversations with others. Previous Next. Every time I went to Rafinad, METRO or Piccasso, I always regretted it afterward. Copyright © 2019 Expat Ukraine. Warning: Locals are overtly friendly and often invite foreigners to party at their table. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and found a few gems. While Lviv certainly is no Las Vegas, it’s clear that there are definitely plenty of good times to be had while visiting. For many of these fresh-faced college girls, Lviv is the first time they’ve ever left their even smaller town or village. Beside its beautiful nature and historical structure, various kind of fun and entertainment available in Lvov Nightlife for visitors mostly from Europe and western countries. This site uses cookies.

We were most interested in sampling innovative, local Lviv beer, our Lviv, Ukraine nightlife exploration was limited to bars and breweries that specialize in craft beer. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Nightlife in Lviv, Ukraine ranges from quaint cafes where patrons sip homemade liqueurs to energetic Lviv nightclubs where guests dance the night away. The great thing about partying in Eastern Europe is that the locals are arguably more awkward on the dance floor than we are in the west, so shrug off you inhibitions and convulse to the beat. Deviate from my recommendations at your own risk!

With Lviv’s crazy nightlife, theme bars, and walkable distances, Lviv was my favorite city in Ukraine. Required fields are marked *. Learn More. Considering they have never lived away from their parents before, many of them are ready to get a little crazy and do what young people do…party. Generally speaking, I tell guys to avoid strip clubs in Ukraine. If you really have to visit a strip club, I suggest you check out this place….

It’s a nice break from the standard club scene, and you can mingle with the town’s upper class, hipster demographic as well.


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