little big planet 1 walkthrough
Leap from the dancer's arms to reach the items above. Just after the Race begins, grab some TNT that drops from the ceiling and drag it back to the wall with the "explosive" sticker on it. Beside her are items that can be used with the PlayStation Eye. LittleBigPlanet lays the cute on thick, but it's not all rainbows and lawn gnomes. Like any of my other guides, I make sure my work is perfectedout - so that nothing missable is missed, and that you get the most completeexperience one can get from the game. Flip the shoe sticker by pressing R3 and place it on the left foot. It's pretty straightforward, just mind the Item Bubbles around. You will then come to the King yet again, who will tell you to finish the level by standing in front of the scoreboard to his right. Then, press the button so the other player can get through. When all is said and one, you should have collected 11 Stickers, 4 Materials, 2 Objects, and 1 Audio Object. Finding everything in this level is a piece of cake, as everything is located out in the open. If you ace this level, you will get the Dinosaur Head as a reward. Keep the player holding the right side grabbing it so it doesn't roll down and the other player can pull the two-way switch. LittleBigPlanet is a puzzle-platformer game for the PlayStation 3, developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, that allows players to create and share their own levels with other players using various objects.The game … At the next dead end pull the lever to let your buddy up. Skateboard Freefall is a fun skateboarding game.You can always fall off on the skateboard and when you jump on the air you get massive speed. Once you know how, open the Popit, select the Rainbow Shoe sticker, and put it on the right foot of the cardboard man to the right of the screen that told you how to use stickers. Throughout your adventure, you'll generally come across an area or two per level marked by a sign indicating you need 2-Sackboys or more in order to complete the challenge. After the dog gets kidnapped, you'll spot an item embedded in the wall as you ride the skull-lifts--simply hold right toward the wall as you pass the Decoration to find a secret passage right to it. Run and jump on the pink and turquoise "springs have sprung.". Push it off the cliff, then drop down to grab a Material, as well as the Key it was holding. Dumpty will want you to show him your running and jumping skills. Again: this challenge is very tough! Look for 4 Costumes inside the hut as soon as you disembark from the plane. LittleBigPlanet lays the cute on thick, but it's not all rainbows and lawn gnomes. Inside the Ghost House, catch a ride on the first shoe to a Sticker above. Afterward, swing onto the skull, right of the monkey, to find two more Decorations as well as a Sticker Spot. Just below where you blew up the polystyrene barrier is a little strip on sponge. Now go explore some of those user-created levels! You need at least two bombs; try and drop the first one centre-right on the blockage, and swing the second bomb to the right. You'll gather 3 Stickers and 3 Objects along the way. ), then look for another Object above the last one. Place a Star Stamp there (located later in this level) to unlock 4 Objects. After using the first giraffe to reach the checkpoint on the ledge above, you'll find a 2 Decorations to the right. If you can manage to hop along the top row, you'll find an Object and 2 Stickers on a couple of high ledges to the right. Run to the right to go to an area where you place a sticker for a key to a mini-game, Walk through the skeleton head and jump when you get to the end.after that you pull on the yellow sponge and you will get points. Upon reaching the Ferris wheel-thing, ride it around to find an Object in an alcove. The explosives should detonate and collapse the floor of the bank, releasing lots of Score and Prize Bubbles. Collect them all and then go down the slope. In the Walkthrough sections of our LittleBigPlanet 2 Wiki Guide you will find the locations of the hidden Item Bubbles, videos and tips on bosses and more. There's an impact explosive dispenser and a brightly coloured strip. After the race, grab an Object from the center of the weird spinning enemy rolling down the ramp. Now check behind either side of the next checkpoint for 2 more Objects. You can't miss the 8 Costumes near the very beginning. After driving past a couple of cacti, you'll find a Sticker Spot on a sign in the foreground. If you ace this level, you will get the Sock Puppet as a reward. The key to open the Flaming seesaws minigame is located to the left of the start of the level. After unlocking the gate, you'll find an Object to the right. Ride the balloons down to items on either side. It'll hit the cow and knock it down; if you want to can jump down and get the Prize Bubble and the key (unlocks "Cowabunga" minigame.) From here (the top section), head left into the wall to find a secret room with a Sticker Spot--Plant a Voodoo Face sticker there to reveal an Object. Bounce off the subsequent Skull to reach a ledge above. Always wait for the serpent to go by before proceeding. Knock over the army dude, at the start, and use him to leap to 2 Decorations above the starting point. Head forward and press R1 on the gold block, then push it forward so that it touches the brick wall. You can then jump over the bridge and press R1 near the thing to grab onto it. After freeing the sensei and riding the hanging object down the shaft, head left first to grab the 2 Objects and a Sticker, then head right for 2 more Objects. I hereby present you my newest project on Little Big Planet, in which I will guide you through the story mode, help you build your own worlds, and even help you finish worlds that were created by others. Follow the path to find a hanging girder that'll move you back and forth along 6 sticker spots in the background. A minigame where you ride a sled and race your way to the finish. Then, if you can make it, try and leap onto the giant red Pináta to get it as a prize bubble. Knock over the box piles at the top to grab 13 Stickers. After the ramp, you'll find a Sticker, which you can then apply to a Sticker Spot just above that will reward you with 2 Stickers. Thankfully, some rocks will drop to the floor, allowing you to jump to said ridge and collect a Material, Sticker, and Object. Specify for which level it is, and I will confirm thewalkthrough after which I will add it to this guide. Once you have collected them all, jump onto the slopes and jump over the brick wall, though make sure you activate the checkpoint by walking in front of it. Carry on up and go up the third slope, hit the switch and leg it down; hiding either under the lip of the ledge with the button on or running back onto the second slope, because another big boulder will roll down.


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