landslide geography

For other uses, see. Landslides occurring as single large blocks of rock moving slowly down slope are sometimes called block glides. Ed., Landslides, analysis and control. [25], Landslides that occur undersea, or have impact into water e.g. Varnes D. J., Slope movement types and processes. Nevertheless, in broader usage, many of the categories that Varnes excluded are recognised as landslide types, as seen below. This massive landslide first occurred seven hundred years. by repeated freezing and thawing, heating and cooling, salt leaking in the groundwater or mineral dissolution); The Manang-Braga rock avalanche/debris flow may have formed Marsyangdi Valley in the Annapurna Region, Nepal, during an interstadial period belonging to the last glacial period. The velocity of the earthflow is all dependent on how much water content is in the flow itself: the higher the water content in the flow, the higher the velocity will be.

[35] Therefore, it is necessary to establish a relationship between the geomorphologic conditions in which the past events took place and the expected future conditions.[36]. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience VII, 221-238. Debris slides generally start with big rocks that start at the top of the slide and begin to break apart as they slide towards the bottom. Early predictions and warnings are essential for the reduction of property damage and loss of life. In fact, not all landslides are sudden or fast-moving. They are usually triggered by the saturation of thickly vegetated slopes which results in an incoherent mixture of broken timber, smaller vegetation and other debris. Transportation research board special report 247 (1996). Acad. What are the Top Geography Programs in 2020? The landslide gets its name from the Middle English word slum meaning “slime” and the English word gullion meaning “cesspool”. [28] The factors that have been used for landslide hazard analysis can usually be grouped into geomorphology, geology, land use/land cover, and hydrogeology.

The analysis is used to identify the factors that are related to landslides, estimate the relative contribution of factors causing slope failures, establish a relation between the factors and landslides, and to predict the landslide hazard in the future based on such a relationship. When pore water pressures are sufficient to reduce effective normal stress to a critical level, failure occurs. Learn more: Slumgullion landslide in southwestern Colorado, Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar, highly detailed ground movement data down to the centimeter, How Goats in Samothraki are Increasing Landslides, The Speaking Style of Some Languages May Help Spread COVID-19, This Island is the Westernmost Point of the United States. Debris flow is often mistaken for flash flood, but they are entirely different processes. Transportation Research Board Sp. Muddy-debris flows in alpine areas cause severe damage to structures and infrastructure and often claim human lives. [16][17] These processes normally cause the first severe road interruptions, due not only to deposits accumulated on the road (from several cubic metres to hundreds of cubic metres), but in some cases to the complete removal of bridges or roadways or railways crossing the stream channel.

Natural causes of landslides include: Landslides are aggravated by human activities, such as: In traditional usage, the term landslide has at one time or another been used to cover almost all forms of mass movement of rocks and regolith at the Earth's surface.

While landslides are considered naturally occurring disasters, human-induced changes in the environment have recently caused their upsurge. It exhibits typically a long run-out, flowing very far over a low angle, flat, or even slightly uphill terrain. Landslides: Analysis and Control. An earthflow is the downslope movement of mostly fine-grained material. Causes of Landslides.

[34] Such maps should show the locations of previous events as well as clearly indicate the probable locations of future events. For the last three hundred years, a 3 .9-kilometer-long portion of the landslide is still moving slowly.


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