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According to multiple sources, 36 staff members were let go early Wednesday, a number that represents about 20% of Eaze’s overall workforce. In fact, four out of five consumers we surveyed said they replaced at least some of their weekly drinking with cannabis. When you order from anyone who’s not verifiably all of those things, just know that they probably won’t be around much longer. Dionymed went bankrupt — resolving the lawsuit — and Eaze ended up acquiring a portion of its business as the basis of Eaze's pivot to running its own dispensaries. Some of Uber’s more troubling traits also apply to Eaze. Nearly every news item concerning Eaze since its summer 2014 launch has trotted out the “Uber of” comparison — already an exhausted Silicon Valley trope — as a tagline in one way or another. EazeMD is a service that helps people acquire a medical marijuana card. We have plenty to recommend: Maybe you’re ready to jump on the oil vaporizer bandwagon with a wood-tipped cartridge from Jetty. LEARN MORE. Here’s a prediction you can take to the bank: It’s here to stay. Patterson is staking out an even bolder claim. delivery space. But we also have a tremendous amount to be proud of and we will ultimately do our best to build a world class, legal cannabis market for the people of California, Oregon, and beyond. We will gather together for an all hands meeting at noon where I will provide additional company updates, fundraising news, outline our path forward, and answer any and all questions you have. The drivers that delivered orders through the Eaze app were paid by the dispensaries or brands that partner with Eaze, rather than by Eaze itself. An all-hands meeting was set to take place today at noon, where Choy will update staff on the plan forward. Previously: Co-founder @Zinc, CPO @Yammer. Zinc. Edit. To pledge anything less than an Amazon-like total world domination — and sooner rather than later — would be inappropriate. Baggies and plastic film canisters have given way to professional packaging, elegant designs, and innovative technology. since. They’re the ones responsible for keeping Eaze’s promise, and making sure that when someone, somewhere else in the city, picks up their smartphone, pecks at the screen, pauses to ponder, scrolls, and pecks again, that marijuana is on the way. Whether you’re a battle-worn medical marijuana advocate or a cannabis skeptic, there’s one thing we can all agree on: The industry is evolving so rapidly that no matter what you think of sweeping legalization, it’s going to change your relationship with cannabis. Choy will be replacing former CEO Jim Patterson, who led Eaze through the company’s transition to the legal market in California after founder Keith McCarty stepped down in 2016. Eaze CEO Jim Patterson steps down, but stays on board. According to multiple sources, 36 staff members were let go early Wednesday, a number that represents about 20% of Eaze’s overall workforce. poached a number of their employees in an effort to gain a foothold in the Unlike THC, the most abundant cannabinoid and the one that gets you high, CBD is not psychoactive. With delivery of marijuana products sales in any dispensary that delivers would see a dramatic increase. We surveyed nearly 5,000 registered Eaze consumers last month, and nearly half (44%) said they planned to celebrate the unofficial cannabis holiday by posting on social media. Today’s very difficult action will best allow Eaze to continue providing our services to customers, retailers, and brand partners across California and Oregon. Business Insider obtained internal documents from Eaze, including its 2020 pitch deck published in full below, that reveal the startup's pivot and scaled-back ambitions after a series of setbacks including layoffs, a lawsuit, and executive churn. Your email address will not be published. The transition, the company says, gives it more room and opportunity to reduce costs and increase working capital. Jim Patterson Education. And we have significant challenges ahead. If a brand is operating legally and making great products, consumers can trust that they’re consistent, compliant, tested, and accurately labeled. In many ways, it already has. View all. Eaze CEO Jim Patterson looks to the horizon as marijuana goes mainstream. Your email address will not be published. The announcement was sent out Wednesday by new CEO, Rogelio Choy, who previously served as Eaze’s COO. An article by TechCrunch this January noted that Eaze was facing cash shortages and was struggling to pay vendors. Mike Parson’s office was able to influence the program, Of the $64m in adult-use sales for Aug, $17.2m was “out-of-state resident sales”, "I'm just all cried out, I've got no more tears left", In 2020, state courts still seem to be a good bet for cannabis businesses, The CCC adopted draft delivery regulations last Thursday, Retailers say they will have a limited supply and variety, Puffco Peak Pro introduces wireless charging and a more powerful hit, Aurora Cannabis disclosed the figures ahead of its annual general meeting, Medical marijuana will soon be available to Missouri patients, There have been shortages across the state of specific strains, Federal legislation hasn’t caught up with the times, The revamped Peoria location marks a new phase for Lightshade. Eaze's 2020 pitch deck reveals a very different company than what it predicted it would be in its earlier years. Most cannabis companies, at the time, couldn't take credit cards, since the substance is federally illegal. "I think since the early exuberant days of 2015, 16, and 17, people have had to do a lot of reconciling between what they thought the market would look like and what the market actually supports," the spokesperson said. Technician. Here are five things you can expect to change in 2018, the first year of legal adult-use cannabis in California: .css-3kgun6{width:100%;border:1px solid #DDD;border-radius:2px;margin:3rem auto;max-width:180px;display:-webkit-box;display:-webkit-flex;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-webkit-flex-direction:column;-ms-flex-direction:column;flex-direction:column;-webkit-align-items:center;-webkit-box-align:center;-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;-webkit-box-pack:justify;-webkit-justify-content:space-between;-ms-flex-pack:justify;justify-content:space-between;height:299px;font-size:1.4rem;padding:4rem 2rem 3rem;text-align:center;}.css-3kgun6 p{margin-bottom:1rem;}. You’ll be helping make cannabis not just accessible, but accepted. Both are darlings of Silicon Valley venture capitalists. Eaze CEO Jim Patterson works in the company’s San Francisco headquarters. More reason to own it: 94% of respondents say a friend has benefited from medical marijuana, while 70% say an immediate family member benefits from cannabis therapies. Because cannabis is federally illegal in the US, many investors are barred from betting on companies that handle the plant itself. Highly curious and creative, Inventors approach problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. By late 2018, Eaze had become one of the most well-known startups in the cannabis-tech ecosystem. May-2013 to Mar-2016. “We’re a tech company. When it to effectiveness and quality of psychedelics products , we have a variety of outstanding and top level list of them. An elderly loved one may finally find relief with BeTru’s CBD pain relief cream. Authorities are grappling with how to crack down on rampant unlicensed suppliers, dispensaries, and delivery services—and the websites that openly promote them. In 2017, companies like Eaze, ostensibly a delivery service, used the promise of a cannabis boom to woo investors and grow their businesses. The launch of Eaze Wellness is a natural next step in our mission,” said Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze. But what will really finish off that old stereotype is the reality that people use marijuana for reasons as diverse as people are. In the statement, Choy noted that the cuts affected every department within the company and were not a reflection of the work being done by those leaving, but a need for realignment within the company. I think it’s a stupendous idea. Comparing Eaze in its early days to Eaze now "is a bit like apples to oranges," an Eaze spokesperson told Business Insider. “I can understand why people in the cannabis industry are like, ‘Ah, Eaze is burning all this money! And Eaze has for years offered new users free or heavily discounted cannabis in exchange for signing up. In many ways, Eaze is an option bet on the continued legalization and de-stigmatization of cannabis on a state-by-state basis, roughly at the same trajectory that it’s been going.”. The announcement was sent out … I know of a company that makes quite a bit because they “ship” their CBD only products so much so that they have decided to do “contests” to win whatever it is they want to give out. It also plans to push its own products, "Circles" and the upcoming brand "Anarchy," to take up 40% of its menu share, because of the bigger margins its own products will provide to the company. And it’s the law. To them, Eaze was an attractive investment because, as a middleman, it handled cannabis transactions but didn't derive any revenue from selling marijuana. In February, Business Insider reported that Eaze lost a valuable partnership with Caliva, a California cannabis retailer. An inside look at the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom. Eaze CEO Jim Patterson steps down, but stays on board. Eaze wants to see $1 billion worth of marijuana sold through its platform by 2020, according to a promise in the pitch deck sent to potential investors during the company’s most-recent funding round. Super Bowl ads? Eaze CEO Jim Patterson steps down, but stays on board. They won’t last. Copyright © 2014-2020 Eaze Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Brands in cannabis are no different than in any other industry—they’re about trust. Discover your strengths Take Quiz. News and information are geared strictly to select retail channels, with distribution limited to licensed collectives, recreational retailers, accessories retailers, and wholesalers. Before his time with Eaze, Choy was CEO at file-sharing behemoth BitTorrent. Which will be the bigger lift? In 2016, Eaze founder Keith McCarty stepped down from his position as CEO and was replaced by Jim Patterson, who served as the company's chief product and technology officer. And we’ll see more consumers skipping the hangover and empty calories of alcohol and accepting marijuana as a liver-friendly alternative. Jim Patterson Achievements and Recognitions. Both Uber and Eaze are heavily subsidized by their investors. As noted by Green Market Report, DionyMed used one of its dispensaries to claim Eaze was using shell accounts to create fraudulent charges and payment processing. It’s something Eaze takes very seriously. Eaze insists it had no plans to do such a thing, but was happy to take reporters’ calls when the state preemptively banned drone delivery. Today we had to part ways with 36 of our friends and colleagues across all teams and offices. Caliva is building up its own delivery business. Inventor. Business Insider has not been able to confirm Eaze's current valuation. What you also see — even if the clean-cut, plucked-straight-out-of-central-casting for “generic Silicon Valley guy, late-30s” doesn’t look it — is that he’s also the guy who is telling the group of titanic investors writing him $27 million in checks during his latest funding round that, in three years’ time, he can sell a billion dollar’s worth of weed in just a year. Patterson is right to have his mind on the job. Find the mean and that’s Eaze. Within four months, Eaze went from owning none of its network to 60%, according to this slide. At the request of our source, here is the full letter from Choy to Eaze’s employees. The company that once billed itself the "Uber of weed" is now trying to become a vertically-integrated cannabis retailer, a move that Eaze CEO Rogelio Choy describes as the company's "second act.". The announcement was sent out Wednesday by new CEO, Rogelio Choy, who previously served as Eaze’s COO. Share. Choy will be replacing former CEO Jim Patterson, who led Eaze through the company’s transition to the legal market in California after founder Keith McCarty stepped down in 2016. If you’re of age this 4/20, why not try something cool and new?


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