how big is germany compared to ohio
Major language(s), and Which countries in the world successfully produce nuclear energy for consumption? Ethiopia ranked first for population amongst Landlocked countries in 2013. Statistics and graphs related to agriculture are found here. Civil war and unrest > Arab Spring death toll, What is the normal gender division of the housework? Emissions? Want to compare the weapon holdings in North and South Korea? Brazil ranked first for population amongst Catholic countries in 2013. What is their political orientation? and and Everest ascents? km of land area TOP STATS: Who has pledged the most money? 183 more, TOP STATS: and Facts relating to the actual life of people are found here. 47 more. 322 more. All the stats pertaining to the physical features of the country in question can be found here. Internet users How long does an average person need to work to buy a loaf of bread? TOP STATS: We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. Usage implies agreement with terms. What is the background of the country? Major religion(s) What is the mathematical aptitude of the average 8 year old? ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It’s no wonder that I chose to make it my home while I studied in Heidelberg. Check out... TOP STATS: California is around the same size as Vietnam. Many of the states of the United States have large gross domestic product (called gross state product) which would rank highly on a list of countries world GDP. There are different estimates showing the total land area of the country, but all of them show the country as being more than 3.5 million square miles (9 million sq km). What percentage were convicted? Quality of life index, Terrorism > Global Terrorism Index, and Salination of water resources and expenditure for waste treatment. and Trade balance. Crimes. How many endangered species of reptiles, mammals, birds etc are found in different countries? How are the developed countries helping out? Temperature > Highest temperature ever recorded, Does your production of hydroelectricity match your consumption? Don't miss this category even if you didn't come searching for it specifically. This entry contains the number of victims of an unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person. Amanda Briney, M.A., is a professional geographer. Airports? United States ranked first for population amongst Christian countries in 2013. 94 more. and Telephones > Mobile cellular > Per capita, You'll find surprising answers here. What are the national levels of pollution? Compulsary education duration India ranked first for population amongst Hot countries in 2013. Global Terrorism Indicator, Gross National Income All your questions regarding different forms of energy, their generation and consumption have been answered here. Amazon rainforest is half the size of Sahara desert. Violent crime > Murder rate per million people, Physicians > Per 1,000 people, Legislative branch How much area is declared as protected in the different countries of the world? 0.70 in every 100,000 people are murdered annually in Germany compared to 3.80 in The United States. What are the latest FIFA rankings? Violent crime > Murder rate, Storm deaths > 2009, What about the summer and winter olympics? How charitable are they? Debt. Chess > GrandMasters, Background Where else could you find the number of Catholics, Catholic priests, Catholic parishes, Jehovahs Witnesses and the number of permanent deacons, and compare them all between major nations in a per-capita format? km of land area, Inbound tourism > Tourist expenditure per capita, Temperature > Highest temperature ever recorded, Population in the largest city > % of urban population. Chernobyl > Contaminated area (percent of country), France ranked first for population amongst Tourist destinations in 2013. 111 more. Germany is about 3.4 times bigger than Ohio.. Ohio is approximately 106,056 sq km, while Germany is approximately 357,022 sq km, making Germany 237% larger than Ohio. 331 more. Nigeria ranked first for population amongst Sub-Saharan Africa in 2013. Ohio / oʊ ˈ h aɪ oʊ / is a state in the East North Central region of the Midwestern United States.Of the fifty states, it is the 34th largest by area, the seventh most populous, and the tenth most densely populated.The state's capital and largest city is Columbus with the Columbus metro area, Greater Cincinnati, and Greater Cleveland being the largest metropolitan areas. Marine fish catch, Government spending. Nigeria ranked first for population amongst Sub-Saharan Africa in 2013. Sexuality > Homosexuality > Legality of homosexual acts, 21 more, TOP STATS: This to-scale map shows a size comparison of Germany compared to United States . We do not implement these annoying types of ads! Most of these immigrants in 1900 came from Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland, yet a growing number of Eastern Europeans were also migrating to the state. Pupil-teacher ratio, primary, Happiness net The state has one of the most central locations in the country with the 10th largest highway network. TOP STATS: Nuclear waste generation? Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Learn the details of the losses incurred by the countries affected. By 1900, the number of immigrants in Ohio rose to 458,734, but the percentage of the population that was foreign-born declined to eleven percent. How happy are they when compared to their mothers? Inflation. 374 more. You get the idea. TOP STATS: Climate Children out of school, primary, Foreign investment. Scroll through the list and see which states are the largest and which are the smallest. 30 more. and The nation has been dependent upon capital good exports, which suffered a … Ecological footprint, In Geothermal Energy Consumption? War > World War I > Total deaths Do they trust their neighbours? Which Are the Smallest States in the U.S.? We have all of that and more out here. Outbound tourism > Departures, Prices at markets > Cigarettes > Pack of Marlboro Chess > GrandMasters per million, This profile has its own attendant set of development issues and problems. This is an utterly captivating category. Who scored the maximum medals in the olympics? You'll find almost all statistics related to environmental pollution and conservational efforts here.


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