guardians of the galaxy characters
But the universe is not a peaceful place -- and it’s only getting worse. | How do you reassemble the Avengers? But they care deeply about one another and usually get the job done, legal or otherwise. Rocket also finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery -- and the Profiteer returns! Release Dates Learn more about the event’s exciting tie-ins and check out the cover for 'King in Black' #3! Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, (characters created by: Drax the Destroyer, Gamora & Thanos), (character created by: Howard the Duck) &, Head Riot Guard Your key for reading. Get the latest news, original content, and special offers from Marvel. Fear the Mad Titan; he'll get you in a snap. He is played brilliantly by Dave Bautista who really broke out in Hollywood thanks to this role. (uncredited), Rocket Racoon Facial Reference ), sound designer: D-Box Technologies (uncredited), sound assistant: second unit: dailies (uncredited), re-recording engineer: Walt Disney Studios (uncredited), special effects technician (as Charlie Pederson), special effects technician: special effects, special effects senior floor supervisor: 2nd unit, mould shop technician (uncredited) / mouldshop trainee (uncredited), creature effects technical director: framestore, visual effects artist (stereoscopic conversion), matchmove artist: framestore / witness camera operator: Framestore, stereo artist: Prime Focus World / stereoscopic compositor: prime focus, lighting technical director (as Manjusha Balachandran), Texture artist: Method Studios / digital artist, lead effects technical director: Framestore CFC, effects technical director: Framestore / fx td: method studios London, stereo compositor / stereoscopic paint artist, matchmove artist: The Moving Picture Company, modeling technical director (as Tim Blake), lead effects technical director: Framestore, cyber scanning supervisor: Plowman Craven, lead stereoscopic compositor: StereoD LLC, senior fx technical director: Luma Pictures, stereoscopic artist: Stereo D (as Gabe Cervantes), stereoscopic assistant coordinator / vfx witness camera operator, stereo production coordinator: prime focus film, environment lead: Moving Picture Company, Vancouver, Modeler: Method Studios / modeling supervisor, production and technical support: Method Studios, compositing artist: method studios (as Chiara Costantini) / digital compositor: Method Studios London, creature effect technical director: Framestore, paint and roto artist: framestore / prep artist, visual effects supervisor: title design, Sarofsky, digital compositor: The Moving Picture Company, creature effects technical director: Framestore, production executive: Prime Focus 3D Conversion, creature fx td: framestore (as Juan Carlos Delgado), stereoscopic technical assistant: Stereo D, stereo artist: prime focus / stereo conversion artist - prime focus, head of digital matte painting: Framestore, digital matte painter/environment artist: MPC, previs creative director: The Third Floor, senior global stereo pipeline technical director, Stereo Element Co Supervisor / stereo elements supervisor, lead compositor / senior technical director, stereo compositor: Stereo D (as Paul Faeldo), lighting artist / lighting technical director, environment artist/digital matte painter: MPC, previs production coordinator: the third floor, visual effects artist: lighting technical director, visual effects artist / visual effects artist: Stereo Composeting, visual effects production coordinator: MPC, assistant rotoscope lead: stereo conversion, visual effects supervisor: RISE Visual Effects Studios, head of environments and matte paintings: MPC, stereoscopic compositor (as Ariana Miller), effects artist: RISE Visual Effects Studios, elements creation, stereoscopic compositing artist, stereoscopic production coordinator: Stereo D, assistant technical director: Prana Studios, compositing technical director: Prime Focus, visual effects coordinator (Method Studios), visual effects production assistant: new deal studios, director: business relations: luma pictures, assistant production manager: stereo conversion, digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Studios, compositor: framestore (as James Paul Smith), business relations associate: Luma Pictures (as Marla Neto), visual effects animation coordinator: MPC, roto prep quality control: MPC (as Shailey Horne), visual effects editor: motion picture company, visual effects production coordinator: Framestore, digital compositor: Sony Pictures Imageworks, digital effects supervisor (New Deal Studios), visual effects supervisor (as Katherine Rodtsbrooks), matte painter: RISE Visual Effects Studios, production support: method studios london, digital production manager: Method Studios, digital artist: The Moving Picture Company, visual effects producer: RISE Visual Effects Studios, marketing digital colorist: Technicolor (as Ntana Key), visual effects editor (as Julia MacMullen), visual effects coordinator (as Rory Jones), senior lighting technical director: The Moving Picture Company, computer graphics supervisor: Sony Pictures Imageworks, senior effects technical director: Method Studios LA, compositing supervisor: MPC / vfx shoot supervisor: MPC, digital compositor: Method Studios (as Mike Liv), matchmove artist co-supervisor: Framestore, senior visual effects coordinator: Framestore, concept artist: Framestore / matte painter: Framestore, assistant data wrangler (as Chrissie Manlises), lead stereoscopic compositor: Prime Focus, digital compositor: Framestore (as Francisco Martinez), lighting and compositing artist (as Francisco Exposito), visual effects line producer: Method Studios, visual effects production manager: MPC (as Lauren Knowlton-Parry), texture artist (environment artist) (digital matte painter), lead pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures / lead pipeline technical director: luma pictures, photogrammetry 3d scan artist: gentle giant studios, matchmove artist (stereoscopic conversion), vfx editor: head of editorial MPC Vancouver, Visual Effects Supervisor: Method Studios, previs production manager: The Third Floor, rotoanim artist: The Moving Picture Company, lighting technical director: sony imageworks, lighting & compositing artist: Luma Pictures, visual effects executive producer: Lola Visual Effects, Lead CG Modeler: Sony Pictures Imageworks, Visual Effects Coordinator: Method Studios, environment technical director: Framestore, digital/paint compositor: Prana Studios (as Patel Irshad), compositor: Framestore / digital compositor, digital compositor / stereoscopic artist: Stereo D, visual effects producer: Lola Visual Effects, stereoscopic fx td: prime focus (uncredited), vfx editor / vfx editorial: method studios, Compositing artist: Method studios / digital compositor: Method Studios, senior lighting technical director: Moving Picture Company, lead texture/thader artist: Luma Pictures, technical operations manager: Method Studios, match mover / tracking artist: method studios, visual effects artist: rigger (as Matt Ringo), compositing artist: method studios / digital compositor (Method Studios), digital matte painter: Framestore (as Tony Andreas Rudolph), pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures, digital compositor: Moving Picture Company, stereoscopic coordinator (as Tanissa Potrovitza), compositing artist: Luma Pictures (as Marc Schönbeck), lighting and look development technical director, visual effects producer for Cantina Creative, lighting and compositing artist (Luma Pictures), Environment TD: The Moving Picture Company, character technical director supervisor: Luma Pictures, environments technical director / matchmove artist, roto/prep artist: The Senate VFX (as Steve Smith), lighting and compositing artist: Luma Pictures, visual effects supervisor: Method Studios, vfx editorial: method studios / visual effects editor: Method, senior technical director: lighting: Sony Pictures Imageworks, visual effects supervising producer: Luma Pictures, CG artist: Method Studios / senior lighting technical director: Method Studios, visual effects producer: Sony Pictures Imageworks, matte painter: Framestore / texture artist: framestore, technical animator: The Moving Picture Company, stereoscopic compositor: Prime focus world, texture painter: The Moving Picture Company, assistant visual effects editor: Framestore, compositing supervisor: Lola Visual Effects, lead creature effects technical director: MPC, visual effects coordinator: Marvel Studios, show lead effects technical director: MPC, junior lighting technical director: Framestore, visual effects editorial: MPC (as Mark Wright), tracking/layout supervisor: Method Studios, stereoscopic production coordinator: Stereo D (uncredited), senior compositor: Lumeni Productions (uncredited), element qc manager: stereo conversion (uncredited), fx department manager: MPC Vancouver (uncredited), visual effect assistant: MPC (uncredited), operations assistant: Stereo D (uncredited), lead stereo compositor: Gener8 (uncredited), visual effects executive producer: CoSA VFX (uncredited), stereo compositing supervisor: Gener8 (uncredited), matchmove supervisor: Gener8 (uncredited), look development/lighting artist (uncredited), digital supervisor: Propshop (uncredited), stereoscopic compositing supervisor: Gener8 (uncredited), visual effects artist: The Senate VFX (uncredited), lead lighting technical director: MPC (uncredited), compositor: element qc, Stereo D (uncredited), animator: ILM - Groot development (uncredited), paint/composite artist: stereo conversion (uncredited), digital compositor: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: MPC (uncredited), digital roto and paint supervisor: Prana Studio (uncredited), senior technical director: rendering (uncredited), systems administrator: Framestore (uncredited), look development and td: MPC (uncredited), element qc compositor: Stereo D (uncredited), software development and pipeline (uncredited), stereoscopic supervisor: Marvel Studios (uncredited), Systems Engineer: Secret Lab (uncredited), executive director of editorial, production services and resources (uncredited), director of global development at prime focus (uncredited), environment technical director: Moving Picture Company, Vancouver (uncredited), systems support: cantina creative (uncredited), modeler/texture artist: Method Studios (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: Stereo D (uncredited), effects artist: Method Studios (uncredited), stereoscopic depth artist: Stereo D (uncredited), lead stereoscopic compositor (uncredited), compositing production assistant: MPC (uncredited), stunt double: 'Nova Prime' / stunt performer, stunt double: Benicio Del Toro / stunt performer, stunt double: Watchtower & Riot guard / stunt performer, Sword Master / assistant fight coordinator: reshoots / stunts, fight coordinator: additional photography, digital imaging supervisor: second unit: dailies, camera operator: promo shoot / director of photography: promo shoot, second assistant camera: 'c' camera, 2nd unit, director of photography: additional photography, additional second assistant camera: second unit, digital imaging technician: additional photography, digital imagining technician: additional photography, assistant digital imaging technician: second unit, BTS Cinematographer / e.p.k.


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