cost of living in barcelona student
Cocktails like a Mojito can go from 3,50 to 9 euros at a local establishment. Today in our post, we can help with this issue. The cheapest way to move around is by Bicing, the public bicycle network, which costs 47,16 euros per year. Those are the most expensive areas because they offer the best choice in terms of entertainment, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Note: Remember to store your contract and receipts safely as well as the bills you receive. The travel credit is applied to the prices automatically when you log into your account. In addition to calculate your monthly budget, you can check the average prices listing of daily products like food, clothing, museums, utilities, housing by district, etc. Living in Barcelona on a student budget? There are many supermarkets in the city center to do your grocery shopping at. On holiday or as a student, Barcelona is a wonderful city! That's all folks. If you are looking to share a flat and want to rent a bedroom, you could pay anywhere from 350 to 600 euros per month. The majority of locales in Barcelona do have them. If you're going to be using public transport at least two times a day then it's cheapest to go for a trimester travel card called T-Jove which costs €105 for 90 days of travel if you're under 25 years old. You can apply for the Carnet Jove online. If there are more of you then it's convenient to rent an apartment together privately as finding a flat-share with more than 3 rooms is almost impossible. There is a wide range of leisure and entertainment options for fun, good food, good weather and good vibrations :). The recommended areas for students are Les Corts, Zona Universitaria and parts of Eixample. Cost of living in Barcelona as a student. If you want to get in touch with ShBarcelona, please fill out the form. You will never be too far from bars and nightclubs to enjoy the city’s nightlife or far from your university. If you want better quality products, go to Bonpreu or Mercadona. In fact there's something new each week! Welcome! We also give you guidance about the costs of certain leisure items that may be of interest to you: You can also check the Guía del Ocio to discover all the leisure options in Barcelona. Therefore, the monthly rent for an 85 m2 flat varies from 900 euros to 1300 euros. To make it fair for everyone we reset the number of entries back to zero after every draw. The cost of living is quite cheap in the Catalan capital, compared to London or Paris. Carnet Jove and Tarjeta ESN are the must-have discount cards for students in Barcelona. On the other hand, the least expensive barrios to live in are Horta-Guinardó (11,3€/m2), Nou Barris (11€/m2) and Sant Andreu (11,47€/m2). Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a78ed984e4ee29e9292583e8f40a639c" );document.getElementById("a6aee9f1a5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Furnished monthly rentals apartments in Barcelona, Rental of apartments by neighborhoods in Barcelona. In each section we give the average monthly cost and some useful tips to save as much as possible. The cheapest way if you're coming on your own or as a pair is to look fora flat-share. #Transport- 70–90 Euros . How can you know if your budget would be enough to maintain a certain level of living? I want to know the difference between the cost of living with house rent for a year in barcelona,madrid and valecia as an international student. By browsing our site you accept the use of these cookies. Note: If you need to interchange between train, bus or Metro, then remember that you always need to pass your ticket through the reader when entering. We recommend the option of staying in a student residence because you have everything included in the monthly price and this will help you to save a lot, since you won’t have to worry about food and other things and will have all the comforts of home. If you're coming as a group (3 or more) there are apartment rentals available from €600 outside the centre. Discounts available are significant and include entry to tourist attractions, restaurant, shopping and travel. To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Note: In the majority of nightclubs you can book tickets in advance online to enter at a reduced price, sometimes even free. Get to know us, for sure you will love to live in Barcelona with us. There is not one clear answer to your question… Concerning housing prices, you can check different real estate websites, for example ShMadrid and ShBarcelona and look at the different prices and square meters. Below you see how you can collect entries. Her articles in ShBarcelona share her journey through the Catalan capital. Barcelona for students: life on the cheap side, Points to remember before you move to Barcelona, The ultimate guide to the public universities in Barcelona, Whats the deal on Mobile Phones in Barcelona, Moving to Barcelona in September? The cheapest ones are Dia, Lidl and Caprabo. The most important expense is accommodation. Then when it comes to eating out, it's usually better to avoid as it can be 10 times more expensive than eating at home. These are accompanied in some cases by a free tapas dish. As you get closer to the centre you can expect to pay in the range of €800 - €1200 for apartments of up to 5 rooms depending on the quality. The recommended areas for students are Les Corts, Zona Universitaria and parts of Eixample. What would you spend on a crazy Friday night out in Ciutat Vella? We deal with the main themes of university life such as student accommodation, food, cultural activities and, of course, nightlife in Barcelona. Today in our post, we can help with this issue. The Barcelona Specialists. So then it's safe to assume that this monthly cost will be around €100/month/person at the most competitive supermarkets such as Mercadona, Consum, Lidl and Carrefour. Depending on the area the monthly rent can vary between €250 and €500 per person with utilities included (water, gas, electricity and internet). Student Cost of Living in Barcelona Student Cost of Living in Barcelona: A Breakdown. To begin with . If you want to use the public transport network(either metro, bus or tramway), you should buy a 10 rides ticket, which cost 9,95 euros… Good day Joseph, Barcelona. Villarroel 1, entresuelo 2 In Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, the price is 16,01 €/m2 and in Sant Martí, about 15,01€/m2. There is no limit to the number of entries you may collect. Did you choose Barcelona as your destination for an Erasmus or another student exchange? Having documents to help your case is always a good idea in case of a dispute or a landlord tries to withhold the deposit. At night, a taxi trip can be useful too: it will cost you from 6 to 10 euros to get to your favorite restaurant or nightclub. If you are a student and are looking forward to living in Barcelona because you are coming to study for a master’s degree, an Erasmus or degree you must know the cost of living in the city so that you can organize yourself and calculate your monthly expenses. Accommodation: the first recommendation we are going to make is to reserve a place in one of our student apartments in Barcelona in the month of June, or July, at the latest. With T-Jove the commute to uni would work out at about €0.80 per trip, up to €0.52 if you use it every weekend too. This is why we recommend avoiding them as much as possible and instead search for the most alternative venues that are found around the Raval, Born or Gothic zones. In order for them to enjoy everything that their new city offers, we've decided to write an article that will provide students with guide to the what, how and where to enjoy Barcelona with a monthly budget of the average student. Depending on the area the monthly rent can vary between €250 and €500 per person with utilities included (water, gas, electricity and internet). In this article, ShBarcelona details the monthly cost of living for a student in Barcelona. Barcelona is Maé-Lise's favorite city in all of Europe. If you are coming to study in Barcelona we advise you to look at our student accommodations in Barcelona.. 08011 When it comes to finding a place to stay it's important to keep in mind the kind of dwelling you want. ShBarcelona created a cost living calculator with which you can calculate your own monthly cost living in Barcelona by clicking directly on this link. There are plenty of bars like Soda (Clothing store by day, bar by night) and Absinthe. The Carnet Jove offers discounts on hundreds of products and services for Catalonia residents from 12 to 30 years of age. Regards, One of the main advantages of living in Barcelona is that everything is quite close and you can either cycle, walk or use public transportation to get anywhere. Related article: Student discounts in Barcelona, Photo by JWPhotography2012 via / CC BY. Barcelona is without a doubt one of the best cities in the world for students to live in. Barcelona has a cost of living index of 64.24. When it comes to nightclubs it's quite simple, avoid the more famous ones! Ok Apartment lets you make money renting out your apartment or house. If you want to try out the local beer, a bottle of Moritz can cost you anything from 1,60 to 3 euros. Personally, we think that the Raval and Gothic areas are where you find the largest number of bars with a good quality to price ratio. All about security when renting apartments. The first 30 minutes of each trip are free with the subscription. You will never be too far from bars and nightclubs to enjoy the city’s nightlife or far from your university. Daniella, I would like to know the average monthly expenses for a student in sharing residence, including all the other exp like mess, travel and other mis exp. The food is good, the weather is great and the city is absolutely beautiful. In Ciutat Vella, which is the most famous and beloved area for students, the average rent is about 17,37€ per square meter. Note: If you're set on eating out, then always at the place you plan to eat at if they have days with discounts or promotional offers of some sort. +(34) 933255027 , Among the main activities that don't involve consuming alcohol you'll find: Note: Take a look at the articles around our community and guide and you'll find many more where we speak about things to do in Barcelona. This card focuses more on travel discounts (youth hostels, hotels, transportation…). The cheapest way to move around is by Bicing, the public bicycle network, which costs 47,16 euros per year. The Lofttown will accompany you on this unforgettable experience so that we are by your side all the time and for everything you need.


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