comma rules

She's going to leave in the morning. John was determined to get the unicorn slime his daughter wanted, but all the shops had sold out. Get tips for the gray areas of comma rules as well. The non-defining subordinate clause, "which was built in 1930," gives some information about the Empire State Building, but we don't need that information to identify the building or distinguish it from any other Empire State Buildings. "She stopped and turned around slowly.

These clauses usually begin with "which" or "who” and should be separated by commas before and after the non-defining subordinate clause: The Empire State Building, which was built in 1930, is still New York's tallest building. However, notice that short or one-word appositives, such as in the phrase "my coworker Phyllis" do not have to be set off with commas. Most of its suggestions regarding them arre wrong. Note that some style guides would not add the comma after the word “eggs”. These conjunctions include but, for, and, or, yet, so, nor. If you have any doubts about this fact, please check her purse. Get a clear picture of when to use commas by exploring their usage through examples.

Correct: There were no clouds in the sky, so I went for a jog. Writing a book, if I haven’t put you off already, is one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you're adding more information, a comma after "also" will set things up nicely.

Any time you need to offset a clause and provide additional information, be sure to place a set of commas around the clause: It was his money, not his looks, that first attracted me to him. But, one day, dad … Independent clauses in a sentence should be set off with a comma before any coordinating conjunction. Example: My estate goes to my husband, son, daughter-in-law, and nephew.

Some writers have very strong feelings for and against the serial comma. You shouldn’t put a comma after the final adjective. The rules for when to use commas and when not to use them are, for the most part, firmly set. Ultimately, it’s up to you (and your editor!)

You should always put a comma immediately before a quotation: John Smith told us, “You can’t come in after ten o’clock.”. But, that's beside the point.

You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! whether or not you use it. As well as helping you ensure your writing is correct, this will make you more aware of when you’re not using commas correctly. A dependent clause, or subordinate clause, is one that can’t stand alone as a whole sentence.

Betty walks to work every day, talks to clients, makes appointments, eats lunch, has afternoon meetings, and walks back home. Indeed, I know that I am. It's a word or phrase that can be substituted for a name. The incorrect version is called a “comma splice”.

What about this example? There are lots of rules about comma usage, and often the factors that determine whether you should use one are quite subtle. Explore the hard and fast rules for when to use commas. However, it is not absolutely necessary.

Since it’s important to start at the beginning, explore the hard and fast rules first. "Also" works in the same way.

I want to thank you, Ray Don, on behalf of all the women of the world, for your unfailing attention and concern.

I hope this helps you make more sense of commas. Many writers do struggle with them, so don’t feel bad if you find them hard to get to grips with. They are the same person.

Not only are the rules tricky, but a lot of them have some wiggle room. Sometimes, you might want to include extra information within a sentence that isn’t essential to its meaning. Here, you could identify Phyllis's husband as either "Bob Vance" or "the president of Vance Refrigeration." For more on this, see Rule #8. Commas are the bane of my life. Below, you’ll find guidance for the trickiest comma questions. Depending on preference, you don’t have to use the final comma before “and”; however, it does work to add clarity. However, there are still a few gray areas. When you’re describing something with two or more adjectives, you can use a comma between them if those adjectives are coordinating. For example: I wanted to dance, yet I couldn’t get on the dance floor. Likewise, if you're adding a clause after "which," you'll need a comma after it as well.

They’re a tricky punctuation mark because they’re used in so many different contexts.

Called the Oxford or serial comma, this final comma is a topic of hot debate, and some people prefer to leave it out.

While commas are normally either required or not required, there’s one key instance when you can choose whether or not to use a comma – and either option is equally correct. The wonderful world of commas. It's just extra information. Incorrect: The rain, and the wind battered the house. On the other hand, it might be best to wait until next week. An appositive is similar to a non-defining subordinate clause, but it doesn't include "which" or "who." A comma is used here, because it would also make sense to say, “He’s a cheerful and kind boy”. He doesn't look for charm in a restaurant, but service. You also use a comma to separate a dependent clause at the beginning of a sentence. Dashes are useful if you want to imply a longer pause, or draw more attention to the nonessential element of the sentence. While a period ends a sentence, a comma indicates a smaller break.

But fear not! If you feel like a comma can help to avoid confusion, use one. For more on coordinate and non-coordinate adjectives, check out this post. Would a comma go after But or And at the start of a sentence? If you can master these comma rules, your writing will be neater, clearer, and perfectly acceptable to English teachers and grammar purists everywhere, no matter where they stand on the gray areas. Use a Comma After an Introductory Word or Phrase. The cake mix requires flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. What Is a Comma? When listing a city and state, a comma is required to separate the two. When a word or phrase forms an introduction to a sentence, you should follow it with a comma, as recommended by Purdue OWL. Mrs. Peacock, on the other hand, did. As for dates, a comma is required between the day of the month and the year. Commas can be a particularly tricky punctuation mark. Numbers also require a comma after every third digit from the right.

Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. When your clauses are independent (they could stand alone as complete sentences), it is absolutely necessary to use both the comma and the "and" before the final clause: Betty gets home at 5:30, she and her husband have dinner together, they watch TV for a few hours, and they go to bed around 11:00. Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! It should include a comma before and after the appositive: Bob Vance, the president of Vance Refrigeration, married my coworker Phyllis. If you prefer minimal punctuation and feel the sentence is readable without it, don't use one.


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