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This is problematic for two reasons: An alternative to reduce the flashing is to reduce the trigger area to just the header text (rather than the full width), as done in, but this makes the anchor links much less discoverable. ; Homelinks allow users to navigate back to the homepage by clicking the site … Still the best solution I’ve seen! This really helped me solve my problems. After days of nothing a step forward thanks your advice!

You are Superb !!! Thank you so much for this simple solution! FANTASTIC!!! This is a good solution, I had not considered this before. the anchor links, Somehow increase the height of the trigger area. Good job anyway!

Now that the anchor’s position has been specified, the text in the header needs to be linked to it. Then fiddle with the header sizing (mine was closer to 310px) – worked a charm! Anchor links are most helpful for long messages, which is why they’re generally used in email newsletters instead of sales emails. This is how the HTML block looks once it’s in position but before we add code: To create the anchor, paste in one line of HTML code in the Content Properties field of the custom HTML block on the right: The name in quotes (“grose”) can be whatever you want. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence. Your visitors – and their thumbs – will thank you! And adding an anchor menu is a great way to simplify your message. This allows you to attach a new prototype interaction to each. After formatting the color of the text, get ready to add the links. The new elements were added right above each section and would serve as the new anchor point. Something so obvious and yet I failed to think about this method myself! To make sure that you’ve lined up the page content correctly in each of the view windows you can tick the ‘Clip content’ checkbox. Visitors who are checking out the mobile version of your site can save a lot of time (and frustration) by clicking on an anchor that takes them straight to what they are looking for. Implementing in our app. Still saving layouts at August 2019! Thank you so much for this simple solution! It works for me. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thanks so much. Many designers and UX experts don’t pay attention to external links that much. Clicking the anchor link jumped down the page and the corrected the space for the header and voilà – The page now jumps correctly!,, Anchor links with a fixed header | MintToast,, Changing default starting position of #anchor - ExceptionsHub, Would be even better to use a trick to be able to keep the anchor position…, NB: in my case i had to adjust the sized of the invisible span to the screen (desktop or smartphone), and also to add an extra margin to the header (only once become sticky – as the relative position on the page move as well…), Go Pro! Let me know if you have any ideas. Make sure you haven’t selected any layers by clicking the empty space on the editor, double check that the ‘Home’ page is the Starting Frame in the Prototype tab settings in the top right, then click the play button in the top right to check out your new Anchor Link prototype. which provides internal links in wiki syntax (very convenient! Thanks for that simple and brilliant! You might choose to include just a single anchor link, or add a full anchor menu in your email header. This works really well. Click on the anchor under Anchors or drag it to the relevant location on your page. Now that you’re familiar with the concept of anchor links in emails, let’s walk you through how to add them in the BEE editor. Thanks so much. with all sorts of weird scroll oriented javascript that didn’t work at all. … .. This was exactly what I was looking for. Here’s the Figma preview link if you just want to see a proof-of-concept: As you can see in the screenshot above, I have a parent Frame called ‘iPhone 11 Pro / X — 1’ with layers inside that are larger than the parent Frame. Awesome article and totally worked! Using the Wix Editor, it’s easy to add anchors on your site. Thank you so so much! To add the links, follow these two steps: Click on the element you want the anchors to be attached to and choose ‘Link To’. Once you’re done setting it up, all you need to do is insert an ‘On Click’ interaction to each of your Anchor Links pointing to the corresponding View Window. Long phrases like this one:  I’m a major fan of usability testing, but I recommend you invest in screening participants. Let's fold this into T18691, the discussion seems to be continuing there. The Wix website builder has everything you need to create a fully personalized, high-quality free website. Was pulling my hair out with this bug/issue. It doesnt math when you put on the menu the #section… it does the same problem at the beggining, if you check my website you can discover what i am talking about, press “uno” in the menu at the top… but dont scroll down and you will see… but if you scroll down a bit and the you press “uno”it will match perfectly… do you know why? This worked great and only took a few media queries for all-device perfect viewing. Use safe anchors, not keyword optimised anchors. Diane. Particularly today, when most of us surf the web from our phones, we’re constantly scrolling through long sites and Facebook newsfeeds, giving our thumbs their daily workout as we look for specific information. ‘Partners’ to jump to the partner section, the “#partner” hashtag is added to the URL but the page does not load, I then click on the refresh button in the browser (chrome) and it loads. I was going nuts, I have tried for two days(!) Adding an anchor link in your email campaign is easier than you might think. Anchor links are not supported by all email clients, so keep this in mind when deciding whether to add a table of contents to your newsletters. In this one, the header includes colorful anchor links to each corresponding story within the email. The shorter and simpler the name, the easier it’ll be to remember. it saved a lot of time and solved my problems at my new web page! Particularly because single page websites and long scrolling websites are all the rage right now, anchor links help visitors navigate with ease. If you’re using hyperlinks as is with my example you can use master text underneath as a guide, then hide the guide text layer or use the same colour as the background to hide it in Presentation View. Keeping your email simple can capture a user’s attention. Here’s a quick report with some of the most popular email clients: Email client support issues aside, adding anchor links to your email can be an effective and simple design tactic to help your subscribers read your content. Adding the menu is simple. Ideally you’ll match the aspect ratio of the screen you’re designing for such as 3:2 for classic screens, 16:9 for modern HD screens, or 19.5:9 of the iPhone X. However, it can just as quickly lead to penalties too. Anchor links are great because they improve the UX, or user experience, of your site. Simply select “Jessica Grose” and choose the Insert Link selection in the toolbar. Helped very much. would it be harmful for SEO to put the anchor on the wrong element (element above the position the anchor should be) ? I ran into an issue recently where I wanted to use anchors to jump to different sections within a long web page. Near the top of the page was an unordered list that contains the anchor links: And of course, there was each section of content which I wanted to jump to: Now as you can see, I started with adding the IDs to each section. In many apps you’ll want some elements such as the app bar to remain in a fixed position, whilst letting the rest of the elements and content be scrollable. Large link sizes make it easier for users with low coordination or on mobile devices to activate links. This menu acts like a table of contents so readers can see at a glance what’s included in the message. Mobile menus aren’t compatible with every email client. Even so, it’s important to have a robust and immersive solution to get as close to realistic behaviours as possible when using your prototype in your UX Research.

I’m going to assume in your editor you already have a page in a Frame or a Group. Let’s take a look at exactly how anchor links can help your marketing and what you need to do to use them. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle you’ll need to make working Anchor Links. I, as well, have been searching for an intuitive solution for this problem, and this works like a dream. You can throw down an anchor pretty much anywhere on your site! Anchor links still have the list of sections up front, but allow you to easily scroll through them if you're interested in more than just one section without having to do any clicking.

Phillip, this saved me quite a bit of trouble… Gracias, amigo!! Thanks! Coronavirus update: We hope you are keeping safe and well. is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. Thanks so much for sharing! A wonderful solution that still works like charm.


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