The Two Ronnies Sketchbook
The fifth annual Alley All New Festival features new plays from some of the most exciting voices in contemporary theatre. An iconic singer-songwriter gets a brand-new sound this November as Farmers Alley Theatre welcomes CAROLE’S KINGS, the world’s first all-male Carole King tribute. q�Ry^�������E׵��ʓE�-}-�u.�u�����,�'�Z_E��=Y��'}}��-��px�����iZ����Z���6a�2)#3��9��lb�� �'�I`��Zrx�;����\o�[`g��j� �7��_wԆ6�Y�P? Select a Series. HOUSTON, TX – The Alley Theatre has made the decision to cancel the remainder of its 2019-20 season due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. cR���Ki�њ��X����fgQ��,�`�B˜�g�ۿc��u�:u�׸Ǖ�['kHƷsݪ��] �ɢy������TN��I�ڨ.�`T�L�|0�]vZN:3����?�G]�ᐋa����pkh+NO�OG�m��R���X�з��4s�M�h���K�qSؕ��F���-���s�@N7�h=�V��Q@���zav�Z�2ر�W_�*��$��%ng�> ������JC�ko�ڥC��b�����)Q�#�rA���s72Ȯ@}�ޡ�I��y(ވx�Q��{8��������H�%����)�9�Fz�T�3xy��q����z5��ȃ�q���7הU/��cܱ`�Nn01=�k��7.�c���}cM#��2i�.��*��[!���j ��c�Lң�w�����p��&_p �n��ݠ;oh�=kz���IUVD�� Yve]3`ۖ��;��Ǻ����:��)?�ʮ-V����p�ޥ�./���_���/M��Ø$���gv���$�� �����[��K Irreverent and infectious style, it a a hilariously rip-roaring ride across 1970s America. Houston, Texas 77002. All rights reserved. In the Alley Theatre’s 2019–20 season You will experience a world premiere developed right here during the Alley All New Festival, thrilling... See More Alley Theatre 2019-20 Season Brochure BOX OFFICE endobj It sounds crazy, but like most crazy things it can be done. stream A hilarious and delicious comedy, featuring over 40 characters brought to life in the hands of one man. 713.220.5700, 615 Texas Avenue Sneak Peek of STICK & STONES with McDonald, Salazar, and More! While juggling scheming socialites, name‐dropping wannabes, fickle celebrities, and egomaniacal bosses, can Sam still manage to get home for the holidays? Performance Notice: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this performance was canceled. Performances November 15 to December 15, 2019. What's New on BroadwayHD for October 2020. 2019-20 Season. 2019-20 Season. Renowned detective Hercule Poirot and a cast of characters is sure to have everyone in the audience guessing just who did it. �+���Ee��-y"I %�RU�Շ0�L�v����E� A resident company of actors assemble to perform a trunk-show production of the heart-warming Christmas story. The Winter’s Tale by Gia Ochsenbein (High School Student Reviewer) Ever wonder what Texas would be like if everyone spoke with the idealistic literary genius of William Shakespeare? Copyright 2020 Alley Theatre. 2019-20 Season. This whimsical tale of romance, tragedy, and comedy will be seen through the imaginative eyes of a young, Houstonian child. Starring “Sesame Street’s” Emilio Delgado, Quixote Nuevo, infused with imagination, Tejano music, and true Texas soul, is an inspiring reimagining of Cervantes’ novel, now set in a fictional modern-day Texas border town. Ca�a5A9Y�E(��8��� �ΊY R M������.Z� 2 0 obj EXXONMOBIL SUMMER CHILLS Full steam ahead classic thriller Agatha Christie’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS Adapted by Ken Ludwig Directed by Rob Melrose HUBBARD THEATRE July 19 – August 25, 2019. A family-friendly re-telling of Charles Dickens' classic story which follows Ebenezer Scrooge's journey with the three ghostly spirits who visit him on Christmas Eve. A plot-twist masterpiece! 4 0 obj .a�T:��2"F�cQ&���)3�|�g �QP5�:�ʧs��Y�0�.���3��N�%9�;����z�������q���qK"X�*ˋ�,eGu��pGZ-��}���L�I׭�U�el|��5Y�H�����ݮA>�v\�Y�8� Take a behind-the-scenes look at the 1978 historical moment whose legacy continues to resonate 41 years later - the inspirational agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, with the powerful help of U.S. President Jimmy Carter. *(��}�ZH�J��>�� 6kC�,c�譤�RH��W#��y�P8bh�����PE��$����C��c���Є�|�a��� Huntington Theatre Company – Boston Dates: First Rehearsal November 5, 2019. Renowned detective Hercule Poirot and a cast of characters is sure to have everyone in the audience guessing just who did it. <>>> <> Sam works the reservation line at one of the hottest restaurants. Joel Harper-Jackson Announces Release of Debut Album, John Legend Performs 'Never Break' at the BBMAs, Josh Gad Gets a Surprise From GOOD MORNING AMERICA. ��~� �I��~E��������+�7A�'H#I���R�"d�PH�C��5Y]�t�,.3^G����=�>2@��19�����ܹ�#Z��cy�Q�����"�N���p ��"n A!���j�j�SCO9��Q��%E%|$a�V��c KLp��K�y�;؈��q� Featuring the entire Resident Acting Company. A powerful message about redemption and the spirit of the holiday season. Subscriptions for the 2019-20 Alley Season will be on sale May 15 and can be purchased at x��]Ys9�~w��� ��p�5�P�$�m���gl��F��CI*K��In����G�o\d&�Bl�#�.�$�D��~�{�����߰�䄝�9g���E���_��Y��F��{��b��/�>�|��[Κ�)��//_p�Z�8+��8+�"kj���~��O��B��d%�oQ6����u���_��׌���}������_�`��h���Jd�P�,dV�Ht�n� x;_��/�}d/�r�����]���t��f���bL���+3��� �Q�A���&]��t%2��M�LG�̳Z��b^�޼�/8��f�Y����N�w��2�UV�1���nFx�Ƀ��9_H>�]Ϋ�n���>��&k�s� �l�7WW��Y׿�b�7�` ���l���ϋ��������|Q�5l��`�Jy 7���+�����k��-����~��퍾�z���k�����EN����h�i����}�k��m��jw}�dg�����d��[18�-{�n��*��*��.3X �^ :BIBAR�!��~N����Q�����D�5ti$���m������Ȑ��t��5��TcDPY� 9�@A�-����}Jn���:�H���:#�. HOUSTON, TX – Rob Melrose, new Artistic Director of the Tony Award®-winning Alley Theatre, announces the Alley’s 2019-20 Season, which includes a world premiere play, three productions directed by Melrose, a co-production, an expanded student matinee program, and dates for the fifth Alley All New Festival. %PDF-1.5 The effects of the virus on the Alley’s financial stability has forced the Alley to temporarily layoff 75% of the staff to mitigate additional losses.


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