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Shoba remains afraid of everyone and everything, and she worries that she has wasted her life by simply “carrying on” in Africa. Read an Ferdinand is the child of Zabeth and a traveling trader from another tribe to the south. Nazruddin has long been a friend of Salim’s family. Though energetic and quick to adapt to his new life, and despite starting a family in the town, Metty never sheds his outsider status and grows increasingly morose and disenchanted.

Salim, the protagonist, is alone in his new village by choice. The trip to the town takes a full week and with steady nerves Salim pays bribes to many people along the way. This makes him constantly insecure. A Bend in the River Salim, the novel’s narrator and protagonist, grew up in a family of merchants among an ethnic Indian community on the East African coast. Salim grew up in a family of merchants among the ethnic Indian community on the East African coast. The first-person narrator, Salim, is an Arab-African of Indian decent in his early 20s. Even more obsessed with personal beauty than her husband, she imagines traveling to Switzerland to receive an expensive skin treatment. • Metty is a half-African boy who grew up on the East African coast in a compound belonging to Salim’s family. Though he was raised in luxury, Indar’s family lost its wealth and influence in a rebellion that raged along the coast upon independence.

Salim’s assistant.

Feeling lost and alienated after graduating from a prestigious university in England, Indar pledged to forge his own path and stamp out all sentimental desires for the past.

Whitaker indicates that Salim's plight as an outsider, a member of the Indian community in Africa, is credibly rendered, but takes Naipaul to task for ascribing t… Join using code Log in .

Mahesh gets caught up easily in new money-making ideas, and after several failed ventures (some illegal), he opens a successful branch of the Bigburger franchise. Zabeth is one of Salim’s first and most loyal customers.

Salim sees himself as a perpetual outsider, never fully belonging to the Muslim community of India from whence his family came and yet never quite African either. a-bend-in-the-river-summary-characters-analysis. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Fearing imminent violence that might destroy his home community, Salim relocated to a former colonial town in an unnamed nation in … Salim grew up in a family of merchants among the ethnic Indian community on the East African coast.

He is an observer and an analyzer. He has also been accused of being "infected by an ancestral communal resentment" against blacks.

Despite his entrepreneurial drive and his frequent insistence on the need to “carry on,” Mahesh’s reluctance to imagine a different kind of life for himself belies an ultimately defeatist attitude. Read an


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