Judith Barsi

Don't let the door smack you on the ass on your way out! The articles I write are simply my paltry attempts to unravel the many mysteries of the business. Hello. They just always fell in love at the end instead of causing deaths and financial ruin. ], After seeing a few of her movies today, my interest again peaked regarding Barbara Stanwyck. Never salacious, always watchable. You have to be extremely obsessed with your career to make it as a movie star (even talent and luck and beauty are not enough--you have to have incredible drive), and that kind of focus usually does not leave enough time for your children. Who'd have such a problem with it, obsessed Stanwyck fans ? Stanwyck eventually ended things, leaving Wagner to go play with childish things like Natalie Wood, with whom he made out for the fan magazines. Surprisingly, Barbara slashed her wrists over the affair.

The only movie star whom I ever heard of being an exemplary parent is (predictably) Meryl Streep. I truly hope you do it and I wish you every success. When approached for Double Indemnity, she thought it might wreak havoc with her image, as her character was, to quote the script, “rotten to the core.” The plot, based on James Cain’s serialized novel, called for Stanwyck and her co-star to kill off her husband for the insurance money — and then for Stanwyck to pull a double-cross on her co-star. More than any star I’ve written about, her magic was in her films, not her fan magazine spreads or the way people talked about her. Barbara would never admit to an abortion, nor would she ever bear a child. If I write a piece about gay actors I do so because their sexuality is of interest to a proportion of readers and because I enjoy setting the record straight, given the decades of lies told by the studios about their stars. "Missy" Stanwyck ignored his tactlessness when it was merely directed towards herself. But The Lady Eve! Stanwyck has had more pussy than a cat shelter. Barbara! At some point Dion got busted for selling porno and Babs bailed him out. You guys you guys you guys you guys Henry Fonda is an ophiodiologist. Just because they’re both dead, that doesn’t make telling untruths right.

But that’s what every generation does with its classic stars: we turn them into their best, most evocative selves. And indeed, that’s how the most insidious censorship actually works — with the willing cooperation of the cultural producers themselves. I'm 20 years old. She tried to hide her success from him, tried to pretend he was still the most important member of the marriage. My only interest (as a historian) is in getting the facts right, and if that makes me homophobic in the eyes of some readers, well, so be it. For a brief time they bent over the crib in awe and self-congratulation, but within weeks the infant was left in the care of a succession of nurses and nannies. However, Barbara has fully accepted, without attempting to deceive herself, her love of acting and it's consequences. "Around the time Barbara was receiving her last gestures of praise from critics, her treatment of Anthony Dion was becoming public knowledge.


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