In Praise of Love
503 pp. [377] The UFW claimed that the high rates of childhood cancer in McFarland represented evidence of how pesticides impacted humans; they used footage of some of these children in a 17-minute video, The Wrath of Grapes. He received belated full military honors from the US Navy at his graveside on April 23, 2015, the 22nd anniversary of his death. The dream, he knew, was almost fanciful. [503] When Obama was seeking re-election in 2012, he visited Chavez's grave and placed a rose upon it, also declaring his Union Headquarters to be a national monument. Together they bought properties undergoing foreclosure, renovated them, before selling them on. [413] Of these children, Chavez's eldest son, Fernando, was the only one to graduate college;[413] Chavez's relationship with Fernando, was strained, for he was frustrated at what he saw as his son's interest in becoming middle-class. [419] Like many farm laborers, he experienced severe back pain throughout his life. [105] Protesters were entertained by Luis Valdez's El Teatro Campesino, which put on skits with a political message. Sen. Robert Kennedy came to Delano as the fast ended, calling Cesar “one of the heroic figures of our time.”. [225] The UFW used these instances of Teamster violence to rally public support for their cause. They signed contracts allowing Steinberg's products to be sold with a union logo on them, indicating that they would be exempt from the boycott. While the program provided needed labor during World War II, Chavez and Dolores Huerta felt that with the War long-past, the program exploited the migrant Mexican workers while denying Mexican American workers a chance to find jobs. [450] Chavez called on his fellow Roman Catholics to be more consistent in standing up for the religion's values. [284] He then ordered Ross and Ganz to interrogate everyone who worked on the campaign, ostensibly to decide on new assignments but also to route out alleged malcontents, agitators, and spies. "[243] Some UFW field offices refused to collaborate with the campaign,[243] and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) refused to allow its interns to work on it, at which Chavez cut the UFW's links with the NLG. Gabriela A. Trevino, "Chavez's March for Justice observed", Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, California Agricultural Labor Relations Act of 1975, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare's, California Agricultural Labor Relations Act, California Agricultural Labor Relations Board, Seafarers International Union of North America, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008, "Richard Chavez dies at 81; brother of Cesar Chavez", "Pacem In Terris (Peace On Earth) Award Recipients", The California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts, "JPL Small-Body Database Browser: 6982 Cesarchavez (1993 UA3)", "Labor's New Opening to International Human Rights Standards", "What Is César Chávez's Connection To Oregon? Chavez brought these paid representatives to La Paz for a five-day training session in May 1980. [529] Long embraced as a folk hero by the Latino community, Chavez remains an iconic figure among labor organizers, civil rights leaders, and Hispanic empowerment groups. [177] Chavez decided that the strike should initially target the valley's largest lettuce grower, Interharvest, which was owned by the United Fruit Company. [243], — Jerry Brown on his relationship with Chavez[244], While Chavez had been in Europe, his cousin Manuel Chavez had established a UFW patrol, or "wet line", along Arizona's border with Mexico to stop illegal migrants crossing into the United States. [70] When speaking with reporters, he sometimes mythologized his own life story. [108] As the strike began to flag in winter, Chavez decided on a march of 300 miles to the state capitol at Sacramento. The UFW founder went to bed at about 10 or 10:30 p.m. A union staff member said he later saw a reading light shining from Cesar’s room. If this union doesn't turn around and become a movement, I want no part of it. Omissions? You stand today as a living example of the Gandhian tradition with its great force for social progress and its healing spiritual powers. He returned from the service in 1948 to marry Helen Fabela, whom he met while working in fields. [530] That same year, a documentary film, titled Cesar's Last Fast, was released. Because of Cesar and millions of Americans who supported farm workers by boycotting grapes and other products, under Gov. He agreed to do so at a public event on 10 March. [210] Parts of the union expressed concern that it was now overstretching its resources.


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