"I remember calling my Dad from the player's tunnel and said we've got to do it at Wembley - and he said be careful - these rematches aren't always as big as you think!

A huge change came around the London Olympics of 2012. I have just got to.". There were plenty of naysayers who thought that there was no way the national stadium would be filled and that it would be way too heavy a task to successfully mount the vast operation with the strict timing and curfews in place. Fair to say he was a better player than commentator!".

"It was the catalyst for PPV, it completely transcended the sport. He gave his rival a torrid time, before the Nottingham man battled back and won by virtue of a controversial ninth-round stoppage, which many felt was premature.

I remember a feeling of pride wash over me. The national stadium was of course redeveloped and the new Wembley was opened in 2007. 💥@StGeorgeGroves discusses his two fights with @Carl_Froch, dealing with defeat & their fierce rivalry 📺 Watch in full 👉 https://t.co/Op4CePsiyv 🎧 Listen to the Podcast 👉 https://t.co/0iIoJig30W pic.twitter.com/oDBRbZmNKt.

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We fought hard to get the event and agreed a flexible deal that suited all parties.

Groves has exercised their success program: “It will be a amazing point to be earth champion in addition to go along my own newbie team while using belt, show this towards lads in addition to my own momma in addition to pops.

"It was Barry who first rang me with the idea of Wembley. I wanted to make a spectacle. But he retired and joined our team of analysts. It struck me as incredible that he had the mindset to worry about protecting his feet when he was soon going to get punched in the head. Regardless of precisely how Carl solutions this fight, he is only not good enough.

Boxing Fights Videos. inches.

"An open-top bus felt special. We'd managed to get to around 80k tickets sold and were limited by the transport capacity in the end, but Wembley only needs about half that to sound okay.

Sky Sports former Managing Director Barney Francis picks the story up.

Change ), Watch Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Rematch Full Fight Video, Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Live Streaming Online, Froch vs Groves Rematch Live Stream Fight HBO PPV, PPV Live Streaming Carl Froch vs George Groves 2, Watch Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Full Fight video, Watch Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 Rematch Full Fight Video. Then another twist - it really is just not very often in boxing when a fighter (Groves) gets booed into an arena and then cheered out - plus he lost! ", Sara continues: "It was just amazing how Sky rose to the challenge and applied our usual 'how can we make this happen' attitude when most said it couldn't be done.". ", "But then I started to get excited and by the end of the call, we agreed this could be a huge shot in the arm for British boxing and would take it to another level.". It was surely the most complex situation Sky and Matchroom boxing had ever tackled. 💥"I'm gonna hit this dude on the chin, I'm gonna put him to sleep." Wembley's former Head of Music and New Events Jim Frayling adds: "I'd been trying to get boxing back to Wembley since we re-opened in 2007. Carl Froch vs George Groves (23-11-2013) Full Fight.

Then something strange happened.

A mixed bag of emotions. Before their first fight, the plucky young challenger showed little respect to the experienced veteran champion.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I just remember him being very calm and rubbing Vaseline into his heels. It was an experiment which was deemed a failure because the sparsely-filled ringside standing areas and distant seating made for an awful atmosphere. May 31, 2014 - that raucous 80,000 at Wembley.

Yet Froch was first on his feet applauding Groves when he finally lifted that world crown in Sheffield. There were literally mass numbers thrown at the operation, but the key was the astonishing teamwork.". Carl Froch's epic rematch with George Groves began a golden era for British boxing, broke new boundaries in broadcasting, and emphatically ended a rivalry, writes Sky Sports Boxing's Adam Smith. Froch would not even look at Groves, staring at us while wind-up tactics, words, and icy moments of spooky silence filled the studio.

I didn't know if it would sell the same as the first, and if the boxing fans would buy into the rematch. Things just became increasingly torrid for the double champion and a major upset looked on the cards.

The undercard was strong, with James DeGale fighting and a chap called Anthony Joshua, who was relatively unknown at that point. In front of 80,000 people. Carl Froch and George Groves shared one of the most intense rivalries British boxing has ever seen in 2013/14.

Follow. inches, Unsurprisingly, Groves considers this in different ways: “If When i carry out including I have been performing within the gymnasium, it may not really become a fight. The actual bookies include Carl Froch while moderate most liked but George Groves is getting not one than it. Yet it was soon all over for Cooper….

This was a major collaboration between Sky and Matchroom with Telegenic also providing 54 technical crew, a T21 truck, edit vehicle, technical trailer and the international feeds, including commentary for TV in Argentina and BBC Radio 5. After 16 weeks of intense planning to see what was created is a memory I will never forget. But the majority of people behaved well and stayed where they should and those that didn't did move when asked by our safety team.".

For the rematch, Froch employed a sports psychologist to help propel him to a convincing KO victory at Wembley Stadium.

3:38 ... CARL FROCH v GEORGE GROVES POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE - WITH GROVES, FIZTPATRICK & HEARN. 1:02. "Eubank-Watson 1 was controversial at Earls' Court and he decided to put the rematch on at Spurs and it just didn't sell well.

When i followed a lot of men and women, telling myself he is certainly not in my little league, he is certainly not fought anybody, he is received simply no possibility.

Kasabian's Underdog began ringing through the stadium.

HSL ran the lighting. "And with the build-up and marketing by Sky Sports, it was clear this was going to be a huge event.

AJ-Fury of course would be. Taking boxing to Wembley Stadium.

Whom do you think will probably win? Do you think Floyd Mayweather remembers you telling him too? 1:35. He was so hyped we had our Assistant Producer James Leith with cameraman Scott Drummond lying down on the floor of the top deck to stop Groves leaving too early. So let's leave the last word to the Saint this time. "The story needed Groves to beat me up in Manchester. “Maybe When i failed to give George Groves adequate regard. Wireless audio installation came from VME.


Promoter Eddie Hearn was prepared to take his biggest punt yet in the boxing world. He said you'd be mad to go to Wembley with 80,000 and only sell 30 or 40 thousand which would still be good, but you'd look like an idiot. inches. An astounding 500 people were working on rigging and production. "We'd been worried about the crowd migrating too much and blocking exits, especially as we couldn't put as many seats on the pitch as we normally would with a longer build time.

It totally reignited the love from the fans. Within fairness towards a pair of fighters, they will both equally include good grounds pertaining to positive outlook. You see like great rivalries before them Froch and Groves are entwined in history together. Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 – full fight Video 2014 Wba. This time Froch had employed a psychologist to block out the increased Groves noise, and leading communication coach Hugo Simpson helped control those awkward confrontations. I didn't want anyone to forget it after the fight. ITV had to de-rig, before an access road was installed to allow the ring and 7,500 seats onto the pitch.

There were two clashes at Wembley between Jack Petersen and Walter Neusel in February and then June 1935.

Sport is sport and I am so pleased that there will be a good future for both of us.".

This service is provided on talkSPORT Ltd's Terms of Use in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Broadcast RF provided wireless cameras. When i began to imagine this, that was of poor quality.

You know it's a good event when your own stewards struggle to turn away from the action to watch the crowd. Just as importantly, the One Direction tour was arriving on Sunday. “Technically, in a very simply boxing feeling, We’ll overcom Carl Froch daily on the full week, inches says Groves. "Jeremy was very keen to come to his first boxing event," Barney recalls. I'm sure he knew this was the case.

We had the Groves' Rubik's Cube conquered in about a minute, Carl's brother Lee causing mayhem, Tom Cruise excited on the red carpet, Emily Blunt picking her West London compatriot George. I admire him hugely.

I will carry out what exactly I really do in addition to When i don’t think Carl could possibly very last about three rounds in that will rate. Everyone began talking about the bad blood between the pair, and there was a real anticipation when Froch and Groves locked horns for their first encounter. I knew Carl wasn't interested in these attractions and was just focused on his fighting. Carl won both fights, but there is no doubt George made the story, controlled the narrative and sold the show.

Did you know Carl Froch boxed in front of 80,000 - yes 80,000.


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